Has anybody else experienced the magic of Karan??

I just recieved the new Karan dual mono KSA 270 amp and have never heard such a massive change to my system before!!I am running a source direct GNSC Wadia dac and transport with all Virtual Dynamics cabling in a dedicated room.The sound is truly huge in every way imaginable, dynamics,resolution,naturalness,detail.I feel like I hit the lottery of audio!!Are there are others who feel the same way about Karan ??
some specs please?
It doubles? A peak? slew rate? damping factor?......
sounds very interesting!
Hi Kops, the amp has a damping factor of 6ooo which controls the speaker with a vise like grip.The power does double as the impedance drops and it has a bandwith of 1hz-300,000hz which is the same as the Boulder amps ( the whole Karan line uses the same front end circuit).The slew rate is unknown but I can tell you that it delivers a whole slew of music!The amp does weigh in at a 130lbs and is dc coupled with bipolar outputs (Sankens)and is using a myriad of German parts(trannies @960kvaand caps and heat sinks).It runs very coool to the touch and since my speakers are 6 ohms they are pulling a 400 watts out of the amp (possible 500 watts peak).It does have a beutiful double aluminum face plate with a tactfully done Karan logo.
I am sorry, I took pictures of the amp but they are very blurry so I wil try again shortly.I am demoing the amp today to a guy who has Lamn's and the big Wilsons.The amp has about 200 hours on it and is almost burned in sonically ( I hope).Take care Dennis
It is good to find another Karan fan! I've owned my Karan KA-i180 integrated for 3 years. It is a truely amazing piece of audio equipment!
Karan have a web site ? Thanks, Brian
Hi Brian,I found the website and a Tnt review under a Google web search.You may find a link through Avatar acoustics.com who imports the Karan line.The company is called Karan acoustics and is made in Novi Sad Yugoslavia.The gentleman that just came over for the demo is placing his order for a Ksa 450 to drive the Wilsons !!I guess the sound spoke for itself,he remarked that everything had it's own acoustical space and it never changed even through extreme dynamic swings.Hope this helps-Dennis
Well after 3 try's I was able to post my new pic's (I had to replace batteries in the camera )and the internet went down right in the middle of it!!If only you could hear what a picture could sound like.
I just read a recent review in Hifi Plus of the Karan KSA 180 - the smaller dual mono amp in the range.
The verdict? They compared it to the DartZeel and said it would easily compete with products 2-3 times its price.
Karan amps seems very promising, I might try one Karan 450 theese days and let you know.
I have heard the new Karan 1200 monos at HiFi show in London last month, and was mightly impressed. The were paired with Zanden front end, CJ ACT mk II pre and Eidolons Diamonds. I have never heard better sounding diamonds at show conditions !
In a few weeks I will A/B it to a Mc Intosh 6900. Over here in Belgium there is a (small) community of very enthousiast Karan owners. The integrated KSA180 (now available in MK3 with optimized componenets)Karan also has a DAC that would be an absolute giant killer...
If you look for anther "cult amp" try to find out about the french Lavardin IT, also reviewed i HiFi plus as one of those rare examples of pure pmusic.
Well, I have 300 plus hours on the Karan amp and the sound is one of those sounds that is able to take your breath away.The reviewer of the amp is smack on in Hi Fi+,it has the ablity of tubes in the imaging dept.( the images are able to be warm yet neutral in sound)-I 've never heard such detail as well.The high end is very extended yet is sweet and airy and never gets aggresive( unless the recording is hot-not that I would listen to anything but audiophile cd's!!).The bass is very taut and doesn't suffer from too much overhang.The tautness allows instruments to sound so lifelike in the way the energy is created from body of the instrument itself.The amp is able to play extremely loud with no hint of compression or distortion coming from the speaker;in fact the speakers totally dissappear and are no longer needed.The Karan amp has a build quality that is truly first rate and runs very cool even when the Wadia is runnig wide open. I have not heard the Dartzeel, but if the HiFI+ reviewer gives credence then I think I have a very good idea of what he is alluding to in the Karan.If your funds allow for it,then do try to hear one so you can make up your own mind as to when it's Magic becomes a musical experience.Take care Dennis
The magic of Karen? Oh yeah! Twice: once in the band room after school, and once in my parents' station wagon at the park after a football game. She really was ... huh? What? Oh, it's Karan? Not Karen? Um, never mind. Sorry ...
Rockdanny,I am afraid that is music of another kind.Cheers Dennis
"The amp is able to play extremely loud with no hint of compression or distortion coming from the speaker;in fact the speakers totally dissappear and are no longer needed."

Whoa! I want that amp!! I could save a lot by selling my speakers!!! : ))