Has anybody compared the Brooklyn DAC or Brooklyn DAC plus to the Liberty DAC

Seeking a DAC in the $2000.00 range and have been considering the Brooklyn DAC Plus.
While researching I noticed there is a Liberty DAC for $995.00.
The Brooklyn DAC has a pre-amplifier and other features that I do not need.
Has anybody heard the sound of these two products compared.
Looking for anybody that has heard both and can give an opinion.
If you haven't read it, Art Dudley gives the Liberty a "very highly recommended" review in the November Stereophile.
I have the Liberty and like it very much.  I didn't need the preamp and was looking for a reasonably priced DAC that could do MQA.  I haven't compared to the Brooklyn.  Here are some of the DACs I have or have had to compare it to - Auralic Vega, Wyred 4 Sound DAC I, Oppo HA-1, Sony TA-ZH1ES, Oppo BDP-105.  The Liberty is very neutral and detailed and the one I listen to the most.
Big-Greg, how would you compare the Vega to the Liberty? I am trying different DACs now as well and have tried the Chord Hugo, Liberty and the now have the Benchmark DAC3 HGC on home trial. The Vega was one that I wanted to consider, there still a few available, but not sure I want to invest that much.
I would appreciate you sharing your findings.
I've read a lot of reviews about the Mytek family and my takeaway is that the Liberty is within hair-splitting difference of the Brooklyn DAC+.  Which, as we should all realize, is audiophile baloney for saying there's no discernible difference. Unfortunately I haven't yet had the opportunity to compare for myself - but there are many people and reviewers who've come to this conclusion.  For less than the cost difference, you could buy a really great external power supply and get a much better sounding dac than Brooklyn DAC+ with its basic power supply. 
According to the Sterophile review, the designer said it was basically the same as the original Brooklyn Dac. Minus some of the add ons.
Not had opportunity to compare them myself but a good friend had both the Brooklyn and the liberty at same time and could discern no SQ difference in his system.

So if you do not need all the extra bells and whistles of the Brooklyn go for the liberty.

I was going to do just that myself but a lightly used Brooklyn appeared on eBay and it was one of their 20% of anything days so I ended up with a Brooklyn for not much more than a liberty.

I do not use the extra features at all but it bests the previous DAC I had, esoteric d05 by a long shot.

Good luck whatever you decide.
@theo I have the Vega in a different system, so have not compared them side by side.  I have the first version of the Vega by the way.  It's in my main system and I feed my Oppo UDP-203 and Bluesound Node 2 into the Vega.  It sounds wonderful.  I purchased mine 2nd hand, but it was still over $500 more than the Liberty. 

The DACs I've compared the Liberty to in the system it's in are the Oppo HA-1 and the Sony TA-ZH1ES which are both headphone amps but have very good DACs in them.  I find the Liberty to be more detailed and neutral than the Oppo.  The Sony is very nice, but a bit more of a "warm" sound, while the Liberty is more neutral. 

The Vega is a great piece, but if mine were to die tomorrow I would replace it with a Liberty and I'm sure I'd be very happy.   
Got to hear a system at capital audiofest this weekend using the Brooklyn DAC on Saturday and then the Manhattan on Sunday.
Rest of the system remained the same.
Accuphase integrated amp and a pair of (amazingly good) Sonner 2-way bookshelf speakers. I believe all wire was Wireworld.
With the Brooklyn the system it was one my favorites of the show. When the Manhattan was put in it had increased warmth, images had more body and over all presentation was smoother. I liked them both, but seems like investing more with this company really does pay off. 
big-greg, thank you for your reply. I had been wanting to hear the Vega but I think I save myself the trouble.
Ive compared them both. The Dac,s of the brooklyn+ are more precise and refined.The sound is a bit more relaxed. Though the liberty has a great value for money. My personel choice was a Mytek Brooklyn+ But the liberty came close..