Has anybody compared Lessloss and Shunyata pcs

I,m running Arcam av-8 pre pro and bryston 7b-sstx3 and
a balanced 240 Torus 15a Isolation component.Just wondering if anybody has compared say shunyata python helixes(which I'm using now) to the Lessloss pcs.
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I can't answer your question but I just took advantage of the promotional price for the Lessloss. When I hooked it up to my CDP (AA Prima) there was a noticeable improvement. Usually I think improvements are psychological but my wife who puts up with my hobby noticed it immediately. My other PC is by a well respected manufacturer (won't mention name because I know him) which costs a little bit more.
Actually I took a chance and ordered a Lessloss cable also,considering the low price and delivered to my door at no charge.
It's worth it to me to find out.And I e-mailed Liudas friday, cable was out the door monday as the courier was closed weekends.if it is positive step up I'll definately be ordering more.I like that no marketing,which we pay for,WAY CHEAPER.
How does that Lessloss cable compared to your Shunyata? Where do you use them?
When I received the Lessloss cable,I replaced my Shunyata Anaconda Helix VX with the Lessloss.I wasn't expecting anything except less musicality .Well to my surprise the soundstage and bottom end blossomed quite a bit.All the instruments had more of there own space to them,Definately a VEIL had lifted.The Bass guitar and kick drum(gorgeous THWACK) on
Lee Ritenours(PORTRAIT)cd came close to a very LIVE Sound.

All I can say is I am in disbelief in what I've been hearing
and the funny thing is I DIDN'T HAVE TO TRY TO LISTEN
I TOOK A CHANCE ON THE LESS LOSS,and if there was no improvement then I'd be out 350.00 and I'd still have my Anaconda helix VX(WHICH I LIKED A LOT)but this is something else

So for me,I am selling off my helixes(eight of them)and replacing them with the Lessloss.I believe my cable searching is over.My system is quite modest compared to a lot I've seen and heard.
I am quite pleased with what I have using a Arcam av-8 prepro,Arcam-139,Bryston 7B-ssts X3 and 1X4B-sst,Revel 50-as,Velodyne DD-15 and a Balanced Torus 240v 15a power isolation component(replaced my hydra 6) and separate sub panel (breakerbox)for my system.

If I had a different system,I'm sure things would change again,but this is where I am at for now.TUBES PERHAPS.
Drummermitchell, If you think Portrait is good with the LESSLOSS cords wait till you hear Lee Ritenours OVERTIME. AWESOME! You will think they are playing LIVE in your listening room.
Drummermitchell, I'm looking for your cords for sale. I love the shunyata cords, wouldn't think of trying something else unless it was a loaner. Every cord I put against them, not the less loss, but all I tried, failed to compete. JMO,

Have you used Lessloss PC in the power amp? Thanks.
I have the lessloss pcs on order for my 7b-ssts,I don't know what to expect,if they're equal to my python helixes then that'll be just fine.I won't be TRYING to listen,I'm hoping that they'll give me more musicality(of course I'm limited to what I have for components also).If not I definately have
excellant backup.
Drummermichell, When I changed out my cord to a Lessloss cord for my Amp I found a clearer, cleaner high end with no high end rolloff like the Shunyatas. when I changed out the cords to other components It gave me different results but positive ones.
I know, as you probably know when we read reviews one after another; each saying how much better one equipment upgrade is over another. I guess upgrades are called 'upgrades' because they do improve sound reproduction. So here goes another review now commenting on LessLoss DFPC; and I must say how noticeable the improvement is, especially if you upgrade your entire system with DFPC. There's a sort of coherence, something like a 'feel of unity' or holistic presence, when your system is using DFPC.
Now, the improvement is so drastic that I would safely claim that even your partner - in my case it was my girlfriend - will comment on it's impact.
One year later,I'm all cabled up with the Lessloss.
Totally NO regrets whatsoever.Musicality,better than ever.
I did a few upgrades(not cables)All my hydras are replaced by Torus PIUs.Monsterous improvement.The Torus gives me more
power in reserve for my amps than the wall can give(music loves extra power for dynamics) and protection.Musically happy indeed,another major improvement.I'm glad I listen to my ears.
Cables and conditioners,the hunt is over.
I wish we all had opportunities to compare various products so we can listen for ourselves,then WE"LL KNOW(HEAR).
I have both. My preference is for the Shunyatas CX series cords after having tried the Lessloss "Original" model. The lower midrange thru mid bass seems lacking something in bass power and focus of the instruments. Although the Lessloss is MUCH clearer than the Shunyata Taipan Helix, I found image focus significantly less precise than Shunyata cords, which set a very high standard.
A very decent cord (the Lessloss), nonetheless.
Recently i had the chance to compare my Lessloss Signature power cable to the 3 times pricier King Cobra CX on the preamplifier of a friend's system. The Shunyata's flagship model was overall more balanced and with more pronounced bottom end and energy whereas the Lessloss on the other hand had more accentuated highs.However i found the Lessloss to be a bit more transparent and with larger soundstage. The Lessloss is also more flexible and convenient. I'd say the ideal, soundwise, would be somewhere in the middle at the Lessloss price.
I also have always thought that Shunyata cords have a nice mellow sound in the highs; that is what I like about them especially with headphones, which can be tipped up, or speakers that do the same. I have not heard the CX series,
but I have several of the older generation ones (Anacondas mostly).

The bass is more transparent with some other cords,
even cheaper ones, but I think Shunyata has always nailed the highs just right for me. The mids and upper mids are also nicely rounded and not pushy or subject to glare, a real plus for digital sources.

And the bass is fine if I pair them with ICs that have a nice solid controlled bass.
LessLoss hands down. Best cord I've ever owned and others may do somethings well but not overall like LessLoss.

Now having said that the Harmonic Technology Magic II on front end gear is really special, but then its design is like having a power conditioner without the drawbacks and it cost more, so to beat the LessLoss you have to spend a lot more and have a total different design that is really not "just" a power cord. Buy my oh my is it good.
I prefer the LessLoss to the Helix series but haven't heard the CX series.
I have 2 LessLoss Sigs and they are outstanding. After going through all the big names, I have found only 2 PC's that equal or better the LL: Nordost Valhalla and Elrod Statement (older version). The latter, however, is so thick and heavy as to be almost completely unusable, exceptin a straight line to a component. The Valhalla is my favorite, as it is more neutral and natural than the IC's or spkr cable, IMO, and very flexible and easy to maneuver. But the LessLoss Sigs are very close and have their own charms.

I am sure I have seen this discussed before, but is the Signature a big step up from the Origonal Lessloss. I have 2 of the Origonal Cables and very good they are. I also have 2 of the Sablon Audio Robusto's, reviewed in Positive Feedback a few months ago. Quite different sound from each, but I definitely prefer the Sablon Audio, which are also on offer and also offer sale or return.
Hi David12,
I have the LessLoss Signature and the Sablon Audio Robusto. They are both very good cords. I used both on my highly modded Marantz SA-7s1. On that component, I like the Robusto better. The Robusto has a beautiful rich tone and the LessLoss is more neutral with a more extended treble.
On a different component maybe I might like the Signatue better. It is all so equipment dependent.
I also have the Shunyata Cx cords which are a step up from their older line.