Has anybody bought or heard a Chinese knock off amplifier?

There are a lot clones coming out of China and power amplifiers seem to be along for the ride.
Mark Levinson, Goldmund, and Accuphase are some of the big names I see replica’s being advertised for sale. These replica’s range in price from $500-$2000. My curiosity every time I see these always is do they even sound like the brand they are trying copy? Another thought that comes to my mind when I see them is, are they even safe or reliable. I myself wouldn’t touch one of these, but that’s me. Has anybody heard one? If so it would be interesting to hear some opinions regarding these amplifiers.
I don't see problems of buying items being sold as clones. People know what they are buying: clones, expecting they are as good as originals, but they should not believe that those clones always work the same as the genuine. They are poor (or cheap) man's choice.
Counterfeit is a different story. People buy stuff believing they are genuine, but actually counterfeit. In this case, I see problems are on both sides: the counterfeit manufacturer and the buyers who buy those at fractions of cost, believing they are buying genuine. They hope those items are genuine overstock items (or genuine stolen goods?).
I haven't bought any clones or counterfeit yet, but I've bought a few Chines products under Chinese brands: Yaqin, Jungson, and Douk audio. They were all very good for their price, even though some had a bit of reliability issues. For Chinese products, it is a relatively safe bet if you purchase products from established companies.
I love it when the amp claims to have 200wpc and it has a wall wart power supply putting out 12v @ 1.5 amps
Smarten TFU ..... damn man!! This is what Chinese audio does best ... so they think. Cheap knock-offs of anything they sell is just that, fake, cheap, or full of lead. THEY could give a SH*& less either, never trust them bastards period!! Chop-Chop.
@glupson  "...buy American so your home don't burn down."
Are there really that many fires in China?

Do you think they would tell us the truth if there was ?

To whom are you addressing your post?