Has anybody bought or heard a Chinese knock off amplifier?

There are a lot clones coming out of China and power amplifiers seem to be along for the ride.
Mark Levinson, Goldmund, and Accuphase are some of the big names I see replica’s being advertised for sale. These replica’s range in price from $500-$2000. My curiosity every time I see these always is do they even sound like the brand they are trying copy? Another thought that comes to my mind when I see them is, are they even safe or reliable. I myself wouldn’t touch one of these, but that’s me. Has anybody heard one? If so it would be interesting to hear some opinions regarding these amplifiers.
Yes, but nobody survived to talk about it.
Reading this thread reminds me of the racism, xenophobia and gingoism of other times in American history. It also may explain how China (and many of the Others) will continue eating our lunch until the shrinking generations of haters’ offspring from the 40’s and 50’s pass on. Be careful out there. Lots of good stuff comes from the other side of the globe. Buyer beware when ordering direct. It can cost a bundle to return a 60lb amp or two to anyplace overseas.
Having being part of the audiophile world for over forty years,I've had my share of good amplifiers. And some pretty bad ones too.  
I'm one of those ho has given it a try a couple of times. My present main amplifier is a Music Angle 845 single ended amp that I modified with the help of Lampizator. http://lampizator.eu/amplifiers/china/SET%20triode%20amplifier%20Music%20Angel%20845%20Hong%20Kong.h...
The amplifier arrived at my home from China and sounded muffled. After the modifications to the circuit with top quality parts, I can no longer part with it. It's the best amplifier that I've owned thru all the years. Just imagine if I'd have installed better Japanese transformers.
Those modifications where made in 2008. Its still going strong and better than ever. 

One of my favorite s&s amp in the past was a NAP250 of the first generation by Naim Audio. It was sweet sounding with lots of tempo, but not the last word in micro details. The one thing that it made you do, was taping your feet with the music. It was never boring.

I noticed a Chinese clone of the NAP250 in a two enclosure set up for sale at a real low price on the net for 159.95$ US plus low shipping charges. I said to myself, the worst I can loose is 211.00$ total. So I gave it a go. I figured I needed a backup amp just in case. 

The clone amp is build differently from the original and it uses different transistors as well. But the sound is very similar to the old original Naim. The build quality is very good. The amp is totally quiet. Mind you, I was driving the old NAP250 with a Naim NAC72 with High-Cap power supply at the time. This clone was driven with a tube pre-amp based on the Marantz 7 circuit that I made.

I must add that I did purchase other Chinese tube amps in the past and all of them sounded muffled. If you do give the Chinese amps a try, I would go with their S&S models. 
Hope this helps. 

I’ve never heard of well known brands like Luxman or Accuphase knockoffs. Seems they would be easy to spot or the price would be the tipoff. The Chinese are making some excellent amps at very good prices. Their designs look old school and nostalgic.
I've looked at many of these copies,  Dartzeel, Mark Levinson, Accuphase..... Really a bunch more.  Overall,  I don't have a problem with it.... Each and every one that I looked at was advertised as a copy,  no one was trying to get over or lie about what the product was.  They normally had close up shots of the boards,  Output transistor used, Transformer, Capacitors,  bridge rectifiers etc.  I thought they did a good job of trying to represent that they were trying to reproduce a classic.  
If they were truly trying to sell fakes as an original,  you bet,  I'd be upset and would report them to any site selling them.  The ones I saw all looked like good values.  I guess that I had my own biases.  I worried that even the parts shown in these amps were not original and just never pulled the trigger,  But I do believe overall that most of these would be a good value and a decent product.....ESPECIALLY for the buck..... Tim