Has anybody bought or heard a Chinese knock off amplifier?

There are a lot clones coming out of China and power amplifiers seem to be along for the ride.
Mark Levinson, Goldmund, and Accuphase are some of the big names I see replica’s being advertised for sale. These replica’s range in price from $500-$2000. My curiosity every time I see these always is do they even sound like the brand they are trying copy? Another thought that comes to my mind when I see them is, are they even safe or reliable. I myself wouldn’t touch one of these, but that’s me. Has anybody heard one? If so it would be interesting to hear some opinions regarding these amplifiers.
Yogiboy:  That's the fella!  The into:  I believe that's where the shop was, right off the 405.  My dad bought my big bro a bicycle from Muntz in around '63 or so.  That guy sold all sorts of things. Including the Craig 8-track in our station wagon.

Why buy a knock off top brand piece of gear if you can buy excellent gear from chinese brands with "incredible" perfomance price ratio?

There are many very good chinese audio brands like Audio-GD, Line Magnetic, Cayin, etc. All of my audio gear, but the speakers and the subs, is from China and I've heard systems costing up many times mine not sounding that good.

I'm from Argentina and I've bought my Line Magnetic LM508 amp and some tubes from Mr Yong, the owner of www.china-hifi-audio.com  He is an authorized LM chinese dealer and very professional.

Please don't turn this thread into a political one. 
Arguing about trade or economic injustices the world over misses the point, in my opinion. For me, the crux is the nature of governance in question. If you think the Chinese government as the dominant power would make for a better world, I believe you are sadly mistaken. It may be impossible to avoid China all together, but buying ChiFi is just feeding the monster that plans to eat you.

Nature is unjust. There is no shortage of injustice all around us. But, if you think we have legitimate complaints in this country about government surveillance, open your eyes to what is going on in China. Understand the nature of the threat and what their vision for our future is. Then, maybe you will think hard about giving money to a country where surveillance is just one tool in a kit being developed for the purpose of taking human beings and remaking them to align with government specifications. Remember, our system is messy. Things would be a lot more orderly and efficient with government programmed robots.

Remember when we laughed at North Korea's inability to hit us with nukes, and then, all of a sudden they could? Keep contributing to a growing superpower and see how it works out for us and the rest of the world.
"Remember when we laughed at North Korea's inability to hit us with nukes, and then, all of a sudden they could? Keep contributing to a growing superpower.."

How many people here have bought a knock-off amplifier from North Korea?