Has anybody auditioned the Tube Technology Fusion

Im looking for feedback if anyone has spent any time with the Tube Technology Fusion CD64, and if so how it compairs to other players in this price range. Thanks
I have auditioned the Fusion on several occasions. This is a tube based CDP that has design similarities with Chord gear. Probably because its the same designer!
Superb sound quality in it's price range. Compares favorably to the Vecteur 400 CDP. You can tailor your sound too by changing the tubes. The CDP absolutely sounded better than a Denon unit(can't remember what model). I have an Eclipse, and while not better than the Eclipse, it does hit about 85-90% of it's sound quality. The Fusion is very musical, non-fatiguing. The top of the line Fulcrum is in a different league. That CDP competes with the best of the best in digital regardless of format.
I respectfully disagree: I do not have Eclipse but compared them in AB and Tube Tech Fusion-64 was a clear winner.
May be we value different qualities in performance...
To my ears Tube Tech sounder a lot more musical and silky.
Eclipse was great but just a little harsh... Both are amongst the BEST.