Has any one put sand in there totem forests?

I just recently bought the totem forests and was wondering if any one has filled them with sand and if so how much and did it make any improvment? thanks Greg
I thought I read somewhere that Vince Bruzzese preferred not using any at all. But that's probably just a personal thing, since his design leaves it up to the owner to decide what they like best. Let us know what you find.
I use sand in mine. They were already filled when I bought them. They are sitting on granite and the granite is spiked into the floor. They opened up very nice when I moved them out from the back wall about 4'. Last night I was tring to dial in the toe in.

Totem recommends sand so they don't fall over. I used sand (about 10 cup fulls)in mine. Seems to improve the bass, but, I'm sure it depends on your room acoustics. If you try adding sand to your, let me know your results..
When I spoke to Vince about mine, he recommended against filling them unless necessary due to such things as having little ones running around where knock-over would be a concern.