Has any one heard the Essence 1600 Electrostat?

Has anyone heard the Essence Model 1600 Electrostatic Speaker?
Tried to purchase....These speakers seem to be a myth. Good luck trying to get a pair. I think the question should be "has anyone actually seen a pair in person".They have to be made to order! Don't give $$ for them unless you can feel and touch them first, that's my advice.
Thanks for the response. Now it will really bug me to find a pair.
Give Underwood HiFi a call they are currently selling them. I use to own the Final 1000 made by the same people and they look very similar. I notice you had a Pass 350.5 and that is how I powered mine and they loved the power, it is a very good speaker especially on voice and piano, hopefully they will sound as similar as they look. Best of Luck
Hello Ozzy,
my audio business is an authorized Essence dealer. Been waiting over a year for their production. I now have just received the model 1600 and the smaller model 1200. I have both here in stock. These electrostats are a reality. Can actually offer a little discount as well. You may reply here or send PM. or call me at 360.835.9239 if interested.
Did you all see this !..

I'm very interested in these as well. The pictures are discouraging - the silver metal sides make them look like a $29 lamp from Home Depot. I hope that's just the photo's and they look better in real life.
This company is Factory Direct only now so you can now buy a pair for 50% OFF !!...
Anyone ever get to audition these? I owned Acoustat Model 3's in the early 90's, and never got over how they could make the front of the room disappear, sometimes giving me vertigo from my listening position.
I'm still interested to hear them.