Has Any One Heard............

Wanting to know if anyone has heard the Diablo II soundtrack?????
Are you talking about the PC game?
Yes. But I am talking about the soundtrack from the PC Game. It is an awsome sound track with great detail and a deep soundstage. For samples from the sound track check out http://www.battle.net/diablo2exp/mp3/.
WhoA..... the music is magical just playing the game (I am currently a level 46 Assassin named Slayer Angel, how 'bout you?).
I just went to the site and downloaded Matt's latest MP3. WOW!
Kelly and Albert, seriously, go check it out- you will NOT be disappointed (and yes they have MAC downloads)
Thank YOU, Sheldon, for such a cool turn on! Can it be ordered on CD? I didn't see any links, but I am going digging around now.
cheers, Angela
I went to the Blizzard site and they have Starcraft soundtrack on CD for sale. Maybe they will offer Diablo II.
aj: thanks, but i'll likely pass. i quit playin' diablo when i was involuntarily assigned the role of "gory victim dude" and given the screen-name "kickmeinthenuts42." -kelly
hey... funny man, I MEANT to go and listen to the soundtrack MP3 file .... You would enjoy it, I promise! - AJ
Well the only way to get a cd of the soundtrack that I know of was to order the collectors edition of the game. My son did order it and we have a copy of the game soundtrack. Other than that i do not know of any other way to get a copy of the soundtrack on cd.
Vott is wiz you Amoricanns? I untershtand notting at all?
Vhy must I kick mein nuts 42 times, iff I haff a nutkracker to play ze diablo shpeakers? Pleez explain!
Yoodle greetings from ze Sviss Alps!