Has any one compared Monarchy 22b/c & Benchmark

Has anyone tried or compared the Monarchy 22b/c DAC and the Benchmark DAC-1? I am updating by midfi system, and upgrading with my mid 90's system. I have B&W 805's speaker system, bi-amped with ADCOM amps, ADCOM preamp,Kimber kable,and Pioneer Laser Disk as a transport for my CD's. Thanks.
Greetings. Currently I have both a Benchmark DAC-1 and a Monarchy Model 33 DAC/preamp. Reviews have been posted on AudioAsylum and you may want to check them out. The short answer is that the Benchmark is more resolving, lower in noise, and more transparent. The Monarchy is very good, it is just that the Benchmark is a bit better. Good luck!
I would like to hear about ANY comparison of a Monarchy DAC to something else. What is the Monarchy lacking, compared to state-of-the-art digital?