Has any heard of rawshipping.com?

I am contemplating a purchasea dn the seller has identified rawshipping.com as the escrow agent as well as the shipping agent. According to Rawshipping I need to send them a money order for the amount and they will ship the goods. They are in the UK. Has anyone heard of them or dealt with them?
I would ask for documentation. I cannot find any firm named Raw Shipping using several internet search engines.

If you meant Re Shipping, there is a scam that ask for money and burns you for the merchandise. Go to Google and type in Re Shipping for more info.

I am not saying this is what you are up against, just to exercise caution and do a bit of research.

Assuming you have the name right in this thread, I cannot imagine this company exists without ANY SIGN of internet presence while supposedly operating in Europe.
sounds bad real bad,i avoid escro like the plague.
This is -not- a good idea. There are fradulent escrow sights out there, and to be honest, this looks like one of them. Look at their "how it works" section. It's simplistic and grammatically incorrect. I know that doesn't seem significant, but it's one of the biggest warning signs for fradulence. That's what all the consumer protection organizations say. Escrow.com is the only escrow site you should use, period.
What Albertporter said. Doubled. Google "reshipping" for your first eyeopening scare. Then Google Rawshipping.com or just rawshipping and be extra concerned - 'cause there's nothing there. Then peruse the www.rawshipping.com site and be at least sceptical. If they really are in the UK, be even more sceptical. Read the FAQ and stuff like that, and then look closely at the bottom of the page - the copyright is by United Shippers. Google United Shippers and come up with United Shippers, Mumbai.

None of that means it is a scam. But if they really are in the UK and they really are real I would have expected something a bit different.

And for the real kicker (at least to me) - if you click on the "register" link there's a testimonial under ATV by a "Tom Boal, Huntsville ON". Google that phrase and you might find the first response from boatsforsale.org (in Toronto). The second link from Google was for "www.transathlantics.com/thrd_register.php" - and it's practically the same register page as at RawShipping. Heck - the whole transathlantics.com site looks just like RawShipping w/ a different name. Curious, at best.

If it was just me - I'd run away from this as fast as possible. It just doesn't pass my litmus test and I work hard enough for my money to risk even $.02 with something like Rawshipping.
Thanks guys...Its really nice to be part of a board where everyone looks out for one another. I emailed the seller and told him that i would not complete the sale using rawshipping. He has come back and offered to get the package back from them (he says he mailed it to them when he decided to sell) and we can use FedEx or UPS. I have asked him to consider PayPal or escrow.com. I'll update as soon as I have something.
I find it interesting that they headquarter in London, have offices in Australia and the domain admin registered under a residential address in Florida (with a European phone number.) The tech contact also uses a residential address in the U.S (California) with a European phone number.

When you couple that with absolutely no hits returned on Google (at least none that I could verify were actually about the company in question), and I would be very suspicious.

None of this conclusively proves it's a scam, but it seems awfully hokey to me.
just curious, it seems as if you are planing on using another means of payment, Paypal you mention. Do you trust this dealer? Is he an actual dealer? Have you seen him advertise in UK Audiomags? If he is using a possibly fraudulent escrow company, I would hesitate to do business with him AT ALL.
Drop that baby like a hot rock!! If it looks like a scam, smells like a scam and googles like a scam, it ain't legit, IMO.
At this point I am dealing with the individual one on one, he is not a dealer. I think I have decided not to do the deal, but I want to see how far he is willing to go to get my money. it really pisses me off! By the way, the deal was probably too good to be true anyway...B&W N802s for $1550.00!!
Audioweb has been plagued with scammers from the UK. Example: Krell 700CX. retail $14,000 selling for $1500, Krell FB 600 for $1200, etc. They use different address's in Hawaii, UK, Arizonia,etc. STAY AWAY!!
If you can buy N802's for $1550, I'll take 3 pairs. I'll keep a pair for myself and resell the other two and pay off my wifes car note.

If it sounds too good to be true.....
7671,your right audioweb has became a joke,its got so bad with all the scams on a-web that i dont think there's any real people selling gear there anymore.

its just like you said too,sellers saying they have a 10k amp for 1k & free shipping to boot with the gear listed in detriot but they want you to send payment to some mud pit in the middle east.

stay away from escro & a-web at all costs!
$1550 for N802's? I would have been wary before the issue of escrow or shipping even came up. You guys sure weren't kidding about that audioweb site also...I saw a Chord Integrated amp listed 2x...different places, different descriptions with the exception of an exact duplicate sentence and both pictures (different pictures of course) were taken on top of a pool table.
If it sounds too good to be true, it is!

Bigjoe, I don't think escrow is a bad way to go. Just make sure to use escrow.com!
I am planning to buy a mountain bike from a seller in Tampa.First he asked me to use a bank transfer.I suggested using escrow and he sent me to rawshipping.Again I asked him to use escrow.com I am waitting for an answer,I´ll let you know .............
ebay sent me an alert about an user called "sandy", sendy invited me to use rawshipping.com.... then i serch on google to find something about it and i find just this forum.... 1+1=2! rawshipping is a fraud.
Is this the company with the nude drivers?
I've been trying to arrange the purchase of a mountain bike from someone as well who wants me to use rawshipping.com.

I did a "whois" search and found that the domain name was registered less than a month ago.

It seemed like the deal was too good to be true ($1500 for a Specialized Enduro S-works). After some searching I found he used exactly the same add as someone else's classified from last Fall. His "name" is Piticul Purcelus.

A little bit of searching always pays off...
I also came across a too good to be true ad for a Mountain bike. Searching, I found the ad posted across the country under different names and locations. I had the local listing at craigslist.org taken down but continued to email the "seller" to find out more about him. When he suggested rawshipping.com I also did a whois serch and found it was only just established. Hmmm. Looking further using nslookup I found it was being served by yahoo from p3w9.geo.re2.yahoo.com so I reported it to yahoo. They sent back a canned response asking for more info. I have just noticed another ad on craigslist and had it taken down also. I have also replied to yahoo to get them to investigate rawshipping. Hopefully they will do something this time.