Has any had experiecne with the MF 550k superchar?

The idea of having 550 wpc of SET sound is very enticing; especially when Audio Advisor is offering a special to die for. Half off list. I suppose MF is not moving this baby? I wonder if it is because the amp is not delivering the goods, or there just isn't a market. Stereophool/Fremmer gave it an excellent review. I would love to hear some first hand experience or reliable second hand with this baby. thanks in advance, warren
Warrenh, Perhaps the MF unit is (was) not moving because of its cost if nothing else. Its original price of 5K was a bit steep. Consider that Nelson Pass developed a very similar devise for less than half as much. Perhaps that is why MF has reduced their price.

Personally, if I wanted one of these I'd get Pass's devise based on, if for no other reason than, his track record as an American designer of high quality audio amps and pre-mps for many years. FWIW it was reviewed in 6moons.

Are you referring to the First Watt F4? I own an F4 clone, and while it's a fabulous amp and does pretty much what the MF 550K does using the speaker inputs (no voltage gain, just current gain) the F4 only makes about 25 watts, a far cry from the MF's 550 wpc. That probably explains some of the price difference; the rest may be because the MF also has a regular driver stage and can function as a conventional amp with gain, something the F4 can't do. I've never heard the MF, but I would be very surprised if it sounded similar to the F4 if only because it makes so much more power.

I do agree with you that any amp Nelson Pass has designed is a good bet, as long it's a suitable match for your application. His First Watt series are all different and pretty specialized.

Guys, I love my SET, but I have speakers, though 101db, can handle 300+ watts. Sometimes I want to move the picture frames on my walls. My amp puts out 35 wpc, which does some serious tympanic pounding, but the thought of having an amp that would give me SET sound from <1 watt to 500 watts is exciting. $2500. Not bad. This First Watt F4 is just a bit (light years) off topic.
David, You are right. I was operating off a poor memory. Sorry I was off topic Warren. I'll be more careful in the future.
no biggie

I own Druids, so I definitely understand the possibilities at 101dB sensitivity. If the Superchargers will give you the sonics you desire, you'll certainly be able to blow the house down running them into your Def 1.5s. Better warn your neighbors!

Dear Warren, you should read better this is for one demo pair which is probably gone already.

The MF super chargers sound really great when used correctly.
ouch! That's a whole different story at $5k, though I see them now and again on the 'gon for about $2.5k and even a little less.
Take a look at the December number of Stereophile. MF has introduced a 750 supercharger at a much higher price point. In the same review, JA and the Cantus guy he records both remark on how hard and cold the 550 sounds in comparison with the 750. The 550 is now half price everywhere--at all the web-based mail order stores.
I have a hard time accepting something like the supercharger. It reminds me of the "power boosters" they sold for car audio 20 years ago. You added it to your existing head unit and it boosted the power along with the distortion, hiss, etc. What am I missing here?
IMO it will destroy the sound of your SET. Instead of getting the best of both worlds, you will end up getting the worst of both worlds I'm affraid.
Elberoth, I'm inclined to go agree, but I'd love to hear from somebody who owns this baby. Twoleftears, I believe that review is based on the 750 soley as an amp, but not a supercharger.
Lots of opinions from people who have not heard the superchargers. How can you say it will destroy your SET sound when you have never heard the device? I too would like to hear from someone who has experience with the superchargers.
I'd like to hear from someone who has used the supercharger as a supercharger also.

Unfortunately, nobody seems to be knocking down the door.
Well, as my old Italian landlord use to say: "whattagonnado." I was hoping, at the least, to get a reliable second hand word. I'll try the post again in a couple of months.
Warrenh--read the "Follow up" review of the 550 towards the back of the December number, written by a professional singer. Used both on its own and as a supercharger on his Aleph. Basic sonic characteristics didn't change either way, just mitigated somewhat by the Aleph. His experience echoes Elberoth 2. JA found the 750 much better, but at its price point it would make more sense to start from scratch and get a much better amp, rather than using the supercharger as a $$$ bandaid.
I thought the Aleph was SS? I'm (STILL) looking for a tuber who owns a 550. If the basics "don' change either way," isn't that what a SET guy would be looking for? Don't want to change the SET sound.
I should have expressed myself more clearly. The reviewer found that the inherent sonic characteristics of the 550 (cold, hard, compressed sound stage, etc. etc.) did not basically change when used as an amp or as a supercharger; they were more pronounced when it was used as an amp, and mitigated somewhat by the interaction with the positive sonic features of the Aleph. The Aleph is one of the more of the more "tubey" ss amps out there, but--yes--certainly isn't an SET.
It's been almost a year now. Has anybody used the 550K as a supercharger? Were the results as advertised by the vendor?
Well sorry for the late respond,I did have the sc MF 550.
I went to Music Direct to pick them up.I have been thinking
if indeed they are the answer for my Andra I who needs a
lot of power to get the best out of them.Auidiooracle you
are right,if you know how to use them,they will give you
the best and they will shine.I myself Iam wondering if it
will change the sonic of my VIVA tube amp,the answer is no.
I have them for 8 months now,I have been enoying my Andra
since I got the 550, the bass,the palpability,the transient
is no comparison without the 550.The secret is good power
cables,they like the model 11 costum power cord,then use
good speaker cable,replace the one that come with the amp.
I think they are also very good amp.You can try them,and
hear it for yourself with your own system.thank Bon
Twoleftears,the reviewer findings did not exist in my system,maybe it was a system mismatch.I like Aleph amp
as well.