Has any body heard the Lyra SKALA?

Hello I have a Lyra Helikon Low output cartridge and am thinking of "Upgrading " to the Skala" is it worth it or should i look at other under $3 thousand dollar carts ? any suggestions or comparisons would be appreciated. Here's my rig
Linn sondek all upgrades including Ekos arm
Bat 51se ,bat 75se power amp .
herron phonostage,audio Physic Virgo 3 all ACapella cables all the way thru.
We used it on the SME10 at HE2006 last month. Nice cartridge but I wouldn't dump the Helikon until you need a replacement. If you want a different sound consider a top line Benz.

I think the Linn Akiva is a substantial improvement over a Helikon on an LP12. It's at the same price point as the Skala, and they're both made by Lyra.
I've had 2 dealers tell me the Skala is wonderful. Adds the warmth and dynamics that the Helicon (I own one) seems to be light on, but keeps all the detail and extension.

One dealer in Austin says it bests the Titan every so slightly, another dealer told me it's very close to the titan.

On your linn, that Akiva suggestion might be a good alternative. I'll likely order a Skala and post my findings in about 30-50 days.

Good luck
Early results are VERY VERY positive. Nothing went down. Better detail, wider deeper stage, more impact/dynamics in the midrange, sweeter top end, but just as extended. Better height and space around the instruments.
Pretty much all around better. I'm wondering how it'll breakin.

Cool thing was...like NO overhand adjustment from my helicon. I screwed it on. Dropping on my overhand gauge and sat down right where the helicon did...

More posts this weekend....

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Hope you are doing well!

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just wondering how it goes after the breakin?
Option3, wonderful. Here's a review I posted...


I really liked this move in my system. Good luck !