Has andbody heard the McIntosh MCD 500 player

I wanted to know how it compares thier other disc players especially the 871
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I wanted to know how it compares to their other disc players, especially the 871
I currently own the 861 universal player, I recently heard the 301 and the 500, and the 500 is nothing short of amazing.

I preferred it's sound to the Marantz SA7S1, and I have formerly owned a Classe Audio SACD2...don't know if I would say the 500 was better then the Classe, but it was/is the player I have found the most easy to listen to yet.

The 500 is very smooth, no lack of detail, just no glare. From top to bottom I would describe it as "complete".

Good luck in your search - I hope to own a 500 in less then a year.

I am currently listening to the MCD 500 and the Linn Akurate in my system (Audio Research electronics/Acoustat 1+1, Velodyne ULD-18 sub). Had both about a week. Initial impression: The Linn is much more musical than the Mac. I currently own a Musical Fidelity Tri Vista SACD and find that it and the Linn sound very similar.
The Mac is very detailed but also a bit edgy, or bright. Listening fatigue sets in early.Tried Richard Gray and Kubala/Sosna Emotion power cords...both smoothed things out a bit with the Mac but made no difference with the Linn.
In blind listening tests with two other audiophiles, playing ten tracks from eight different CDs, the Linn was preferred eight out of ten times over the Mac.One listener has owned Mac for ten years, currently has an all Mac system but recently sold his MCD-201 and purchased the Linn Akurate.
Just my thoughts..your mileage may vary.
It's probably bright due to most other Mac gear being on the warm side.