Has amyone seen the Sony Qualia 006 70 in RPTV?

Anyone seen the Sony Qualia 006 70 in RPTV?
I saw it in Vegas it is unbelievable 13,000 and they sold 24 already
I saw it at CEDIA this year. Absolutely beautiful set. It was hooked up to a "BlueRay" player outputting 1080i. Very sharp and detailed, but smoother and more natural looking than DLP sets. Color was particularly good, and I did not see any of that waxen skin tones common to DLPs and some plasmas. The speed and processing of the set was also good and there were few obvious motion artifacts.

I could not really tell about black level and detail in dark scenes. The only preview material with dark scenes were a Spiderman II trailer. It was hard to tell if they monkeyed around with the gamma curves to make the blacks look good (at the expense of shadow detail), but it did appear to be reasonably good.

The only "problem" I saw is one that is common to all fixed pixel RPTVs, it is the sparkles (most evident in white or well lit areas of the scene) caused by the interaction of the pixels with the lenticular screen. On the Sony set, this was less of a problem than with most other sets, but it still was there.

My other concern was with the depth of the set. While it was not excessive for the size of the screen, I was hoping for something less than the 25" that the Sony rep. reported for the depth.

The short of this all is that it is easily the best RPTV I've ever seen, and I am planning to buy it.
Yes. Just got one delivered to my house!

It is the best display I've ever seen. And the controls and menus are excellent. Overall a very impressive piece of engineering, as it should be for the price. I was only able to get 10% off MSRP but that isn't too bad for this set coming from a local dealer.
Saw it at my local dealer. They had it sitting next to a (more expensive) Fujitsu plasma TV. The Fujitsu looked grey and sickly by comparison. Other TVs in the room looked even worse. The Qualia needs its own display room!
That is impressive to say the least. Now lets hope the price will approach more wide-spread acceptability/affordability so the rest of us can sing its praises based on our own first-hand experience in our living room rather than dealer showroom.