Has a component ever changed your focus?

I’ve just made a change in my system  that changed my priorities. Swapping out a 2m black for a dL 103r.  Suddenly I’m listening to the music more than the system without having to think in such terms. 
Gone is the etched, hyper-detailed, scientific sound.... Instead, smooth, musical ease and emotional involvement. 
 Just as important, record surface noise has been cut dramatically. Opening up access to hundreds of LPs and I was reluctant play before. 
 And the new cartridge is still running in.
  I’m finding that after just a couple days, though collecting records was my favorite aspect of this hobby, now it seems to have so much more potential. I’m no longer thinking constantly of my next tweek.
 Has this happened to you? What component did you change that made you change the focus of your listening experience?

tzh... bass is one of the best aspects of this cart in my system.  warm, defined; largely because the lower midrange, which give bass its, flavor is so clean on this thing.
I've been trying 100 and 300 ohms for a few days each.  Finding 100 a bit smoother/less gain with my modded JD9. 
the 103r is certainly not the last word in detail, particularly at 100 ohms, it's the way it seduces that keeps it on the TT.
I have it on a Rega 303 arm.. when I added the headshell weight it did pick up more soundstage and high end.  

Chakster: thanks for the suggestions...I'll keep those names for next time I'm looking for a change.. however much I like the 103r,  I'll likely go elsewhere come re-tip time.
A component may very well isolate and resolve an issue you are trying to fix, so then your focus will move on to the next issue you hear.