Harvey Pekar talks collecting

Saw this today and made me laugh(at my own compulsivity) I ordered recently a 13$ record that cost me 40 shipped from the other side of the planet because I had to have it, because it was a run of 1500, one off side project, etc.  Been wondering about my obsession with all things audio and what a drain on my "net worth" it is.  Anybody relate. Any stories of questionable sanity concerning such things. It's better to laugh than cry even if it's my own damn fault. The link should it interest anybody and does not come through the moderators review is easily found via utube.

Well, I must admit that when you have a music obsession what does one do? I have often asked myself, when am I going to thin out my record collection? I never seem to answer.  Storage is becoming a problem now having been doin this for 40+ years.. I would like to know how others tastefully store their records? I have bleed over from a furniture quality stereo stand to a nice heavy book shelf and now have taken over space in our small library.  I get looks everytime new packages arrive in the mail.  Those flat square shiping cartons are a dead give away.
i can stop anytime if i want to, so its cool.

i know that look of which you speak.  

honestly, bigger boxes get sent to a neighbor.