Harvard U. article on hearing loss research

Nice article Erik.  My grandson works with pancreatic stem cells at a Harvard lab.  Maybe since he's in the neighborhood, he can score a few for me.  I'll contribute to the research and determine if it's a meaningful tweak for old baby boomers.
oh great - spend $$$ to fix your hearing so you'll be forced to spend more $$$ on a better system

Very interesting. Glad to know there is still lots of possibility's out there. Thank you Eric.
that hearing juice in the future will also be marketted among audiophiles to increase sensitivity and form 'golden ear'.

I'm glad so many found this so interesting, I was genuinely worried the moderators would consider it too far off-topic. :)


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@devilboy, did you really need to bring religion into this?  Sometimes prayer works, sometimes a placebo works.  Even the most talented scientists can't really explain it.  And I am a scientist (stem cells!)
Outstanding! erik

let us hope this cocktail makes it out to market for the rest of us.