Harry Pearson's comment on $600.00 Chinese CD

IN the latest TAS, HP makes a comment to a certain $600.00 Chinese CD Player which he is in the process of reviewing but sounds like it costs a lot more.

I am paraphrasing from memory.

Any ideas what CD player he is referenceing?

Maybe it was Chinese take out.
The old HP tease. Here's the very best you can get, except for something new I got and won't tell you about until you buy the next issue.
Remember the Gamut CD-1? The Lector? Now the Stibbert?

Wait a couple more issues- nirvana is right around the corner.

I like HP's writing, but I don't much care how things sound in Sea Cliff. The real deal is what YOU hear in YOUR system.
Funny I bought the Stibbert tube before I knew about his write up and he called that one right on the money in my opinion.Regards,Bob
Eastsound CD-E5
Now you've done it, Krelldog, they're going to triple the price on it before we can get it!
With apologies to the Rolling Stones: love is just a kiss away, it's just a shot away...
Tarsando and Danlib 1:

You guys are right on. One minute HP says the Lector CDP 7Tl is the best thing since sliced bread, and the next his "faint praise" is deafening.
Makes you wonder...Sure allows the importer to get out of one unit and move on to the next latest and greatest.

In the words of "Admiral Omar Bradley" "It is time that we start setting our course by the fixed stars and not by the light of each passing ship"...
That would be GENERAL Omar Bradley.
have you compared the Eastsound to the TRL Sony DVP NS900V? Bob
Sorry Krelldog,
I thought I read in the last thread about $1500 players that you were talking about the TRL unit. I looked again and it was Krellcoda. Sorry about the confusion. I am still interested in your thoughts abaout the Eastsound though. Bob