Harry Pearson

Sorry to report .....by Harry Pearson Jr. passed away on Nov 4th. He was a great influence in this hobby/industry of ours. He will be missed.....!
Thanks for sharing, I'm sorry to hear about this.
RIP Harry.
RIP Harry Pearson. He will be missed. My thoughts and prayers go to his family and loved ones. PT
Harry Pearson with his TAS magazine was a significant influence for me during the 1990s. I offer my sincere sympathy to his family.
I got sucked into this crazy hobby after a colleague gave me a TAS many many moons ago. RIP Harry.
I am sorry to see the audio industry losing a reviewer who knows truly how a system should sound and is not afraid to tell the truth, even if it would cost ad dollars. We miss you Harry!
Very sad news indeed.RIP Harry your knowledge and insight to this addiction will be greatly missed.
Harry Pearson may have done more to accelerate the growth of high-end audio than any other single individual. I believe he understood the almost mystical union of great music and great equipment to the true audiophile. His honest voice will be missed by many.
Harry will be missed greatly, and always remembered for his knowledge, lifetime devotion and love for audio, RIP.
I am sad to hear of his passing. I started to read TAS in the early 80s.I kept a copy on me where ever I went just to re-read again and again. This was at the time when the publication was a pocket size book. The article's always pulled me in with excellent reviews and especially the LP reviews of Mercs and RCA's. A little bit of my youth is gone I feel. So please R.I.P and God bless.
I have mixed feelings about Harry. He was certainly a trailblazer and a music lover. I was reading TAS from the beginning, and at that time there was really nothing like it. I think that he was easy to admire in many ways, but hard to like.
He could be imperious, stubborn and inflexible at times, and as the years passed, his direct and indirect Stereophile bashing became tiresome; especially as TAS came to look nearly the same.
Still, he wrote some major essays that contained well reasoned and deeply perceptive insights and opinions. And let's not forget that he added some descriptive words to our vocabulary.
I have to agree with Roxy 54. As a long time reader of both The Absolute Sound and Stereophile, Harry's constant sniping at Stereophile and it's staff grew tiresome. Nevertheless, I could tell that the staff at Absolute Sound had extreme respect for Harry Pearson, and his opinions on all things audio. I'm sorry to hear of his passing, just as I was sorry to hear of the passing of J.Gordon Holt, despite never having met either one.

Jack Bruce last week, and Harry Pearson this week. Let's face it, some of the people who make up the fabric of our lives are disappearing (sorry for the cliche). It certainly reminds us that we are getting older ourselves. They say it's no fun to get old, but it beats the alternative. R.I.P Harry and Jack!
Very sad news. I always enjoyed his writing and his reviews. He writings (and no doubt personality) became a little crotchety in his old age, but it was an endearing crotchety. I always felt that he told it like he heard it. He brooked no bs. RIP Harry.
"Go to Heaven for the climate, Hell for the company."

Mark Twain

Not sure where he is headed but I know I would enjoy his company and I don't think I will be in Heaven.
RIP Harry, I too started this hobby back in the 80's and Harry's review were the best, I remember when the mag was pocket size too. those were the days. On Friday after cashing my paycheck the next stop was Discomania to check out the new Vinyl. RIP Harry and Thank You for your contribution to our hobby.
Does anyone know about the state of and the ultimate disposition of his recordings? I hope they can stay intact (perhaps at Sea Cliff) and perhaps become one of the stops that Audio pilgrims can visit.
FYI, there are a couple of thoughtful, sentimental farewell articles in the January, 2015 edition of "The Absolute Sound" about Harry Pearson. There are some anecdotes by the authors of their various encounters with him. My favorite one seems to sum up Harry's opinion of himself. Jonathan Valin relates that the first time Harry Pearson called him, he told Harry that, "I feel like I'm talking to God." Harry replied, "No, God is talking to you." That says it all!
I knew Harry. Not extremely well, but I spent time with him and got to know him. He was complicated and fascinating. He also had a deep belief in a High Power (not him HP)but avoided that subject as best as possible. Perhaps more later.