Harry James, The King James Version

Due to someone who recently mentioned this LP, and what a great recording it is, I decided it was time to give it a listen. I hooked up my SET 300B, tube preamp and phono stage, Garrard 401, Dynavector arm, and Zu Denon 103R, and was just floored at what I heard. Since I've been terribly lazy lately, I haven't listened to vinyl much at all recently, so it came as a shock to hear again how good a great slab of vinyl can sound.

I don't recall my digital front end ever getting my attention like this did. Shame on me for being so lazy. I've learned my lesson, and I will treat myself to much more analog in the future.

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While I haven't compared all Sheffield Labs D2D, When I compared the "Treasury" Lp's to the D2D's that I had, well, I found the Treasury Lp's somewhat lacking. Especially in dynamics. It is true that Sheffield used a digital tape deck to back up the recording sessions as said before, the D2D stampers had a very limited life. I have listened to some of the Sheffield Cd's, which I thought sounded quite nice, but didn't have the D2D Lp's to compare with.