harmony remote and Pass Labs X1

Does anyone have success programming the Harmony remotes with this preamp? As you may know it has a unique 4 button remote with toggling between modes and select functions. In other words there is no direct entry of source, volume, balance etc. The database codes don't really work and I tried the learning function but it doesn't work at all. I am using the Harmony 700 remote which is new but any experience using a universal remote with this type of unusual remote would be helpful. Thanks for your help and feedback. I know I need to call their customer service but I think my odds are better with y'all audiophiles! Thanks in advance.
I'm using a Harmony 890 with my X0.2 with no problems (same Pass remote as the X1 of course). Had to use learning in Raw mode. Standard learning mode didn't work for me either and yes, the database definition was useless.