Harmony One Remote ?

I am in the process of moving all of my HT gear in a rack that is going to be hidden behind a wall. I have the Logitech Harmony One Remote,and it works great with all of my stuff. Since all of my gear will be hidden now, will this remote still work? Would I need to buy anything to make this work? Thanks for the info. John
you need an IR repeater (Xantech makes a good cheap one), and you will need to place the "eye" of the IR repeater out where it can recieve the infrared signal from the remote.

You could change to the Harmony 890 which comes with an RF Module then you don't need any line of sight items outside of the cabinet.
Agree with MDT, sell the Harmony One on eBay and buy the 890, IR extenders are notoriously problematic, while the RF of the 890 works well. I run two systems with the 890's, which I think are the best remotes Harmony made, I have owned the 1000, and still have an 880 and 659 around for smaller systems, but the 890 is my favorite.
I agree as well, go with the 890. I have it in my theater and also use the z wave technology to run my dimmers with the remote, which is extremely easy to set up. It is not as sophisticated as a dedicated light controller but cost effective. I got mine on amazon for around $220.