Harmonix X-DC Studio Master with Wattgate Plugs

I've had my Harmonix X-DC StuioMaster power cord plugged into my Joule LAP-150 for two weeks now and I'm amazed at the overall improvements I'm hearing. Prior to installing the Harmonix I was using a Shunyata Anaconda. I much prefer the Harmonix and I plan to pick up two more for my amps. My question is: Has anyone compared the standard StudioMaster to the All Wattgate version? The original StudioMaster uses a Wattgate 330 AC Plug and a Furutech IEC. The Wattgate version has a Wattgate Plug and IEC. The price jump is significant and I'd like to hear from anyone who has compared these two cords before I make a decision on which one to buy.
I had this same dilema about 8 months ago and I did a direct comparison between both versions of this incredible power cord. First let me caveat that the differences between the two versions are very subtle and required at least a dozen A/B sessions before I could completely quantify my results, but they are as follows:
Using the standard Studio Master (i.e. Furutech IEC- $1170/2M) as the baseline, I determined that the All Wattagate Studio Master ($1305/2M) has just slightly more detail and resolution and a counterbalancing increase in bottom end extension and heft. It retained the correct tonal balance but with (for lack of a better term) a wider bandwith. Once again the difference between the two cords was very small. But when you use multiple Studio Masters it becomes a little more magnified. Overall I preferred the All Wattagate Studio Master and use them throughout my system. The difference in price between the two cords is $135, which I consider to be trivial when you consider the price of a Shunyata Anaconda ($2700) or Elrod Statement ($2500). Since you mentioned that you replaced an Anaconda with the Studio Master you probably realize that you could buy 2 All Wattagate Studio Masters for the price of 1 Anaconda. Combine that with the fact that it's far and away the best sounding power cord I've ever heard (I've owned, borrowed, or directly compared the Studio Master to just about everything). I think it's one of the best bargains in high end audio. Hope this helps with your decision, but you can't go wrong either way. One more thing. If you're on a budget, the Harmonix X-DC2 ($650/2M) provides about 85% of the performance of the Studio Master and their interconnects and speaker cables are world class as well. Good luck!

Furutech is the warmer sounding plug. it also has the better metalurgy being single crystal it is definitely the smoother sounding. IMHO.
Having an Audio Magic Eclipse (replaced the Matrix which replaced the Stealth)I thought my electric had arrived. After the purchase, a couple of months ago, of two Harmonix X-DC Studio Masters: My electric has arrived, again. Unbelievable. A golden earred buddy of mine, traded in all his Elrods for the Harmonix. That was enough for me to give them a shot. BTW, their Golden Performance ICs are amazing, as well. Never thought I would call these a bargain.... peace, warren