Harmonix TU-666M

Any thoughts or opinion on these footers?. Great reviews online but not much talk from users.
Hi There,
I started playing around with Harmonix products in the early 90's--still got a pile of "Dots' Lying around. Not this particular "footer" but I've tried the brass ringed versions and the lauded Elephant feet.Under gears such as Jadis Amps/ Pres/etc can't say I recall much of note.
While I feel a certain "voodoo" associated with any device such as these--one needs to try for oneself -they may be the panacea for your system.
On the subject of similar footers I currently use the Marigo Mystery Feet under my Shindo--
They definitely are ones to audition.

Good Listening,
Team212... thanks for the heads up. They are hard to get hold of especially an audition. I know footers are very much dependent on a system.
Not heard of the Marigo feet so will do some digging thanks.
I used this 666M under my amp, interestingly after I changed my amp, I found the 666M has more effec on the lighter amp but has less effect on the heavier amp. The effect is quite obvious, more highs and more clarity on the image, and I can not find any negative impact.