Harmonix HS-101 GP anyone else tried these?

I have the Harmonix HS101GP on loan and in my system right now (IC's from preamp to AMPs) and I am wondering if anyone else has had experience with these cables. I do not see many people talking or posting much about these cables. I wonder if it is because of availability or prices or just because know one knows about these.

In my system, they (Harmonix) make the presentation more relaxed, almost too relaxed with a subtle kick in the voicing, but at the lack of some air and sparkle. I have for my primary reference cables a set of OEM Neotech before they stopped selling OEM bulk (from what manufacturer I don't know), but anyway, they are consistently at the forefront of musicality and detail.

Anyway, just gauging experience with this cables from fellow audiogoners.

I use the Harmonix (top of their line) interconnects and speaker cables in two of my three systems and like them very much. ThatÂ’s not to say that my personal preferences in sound are the same as yours, like wise different equipment and room set up makes a difference also. In my Greatroom system I have improved the sound (perhaps your concern) by going to the Silversmith or Jade Audio Hybrid Interconnects.
Relaxed is a good description. In my auditions at my dealer's I felt they were a little too warm and lacking a little in dynamics, but they certainly made for pleasant listening. Ultimately, though, they were too warm for me--sometimes music isn't always pleasant.
Tried them out from phono preamp to preamp, and they were very similiar, in my system, all tubes, to the Nordost Tyr but with some more warmth, smoothness, and not as laid back. Very listenable. Got them as a demo from the importer, May, very nice but something else came up and could not manage both so the IC's went back.