Harmonix component Tuning Footers

I'm interested in knowing others experiences good or bad with harmonix Tuning devices. In particular, what model of feet made a difference and under which components. Harmonix has numerous models available and it becomes a little confusing as to which are most effective.
I had the round cherry adjustable ones with the thick gold band around the center. Forgot the designation. Frankly, every footer I have tried had the same result - the sound was altered in some way, but not necessarily for the better. IMO, hard footers tend to "clean up" the sound, which is ok if you have a thick midbass that muddies up vocals and stuff like that. Any tuning device is totally system and taste dependant and nobody's opinion could possibly help you decide whether something sounds better in your system. When I had my Linn on a rack, the glass shelf sounded best. When I moved it to a wall shelf, glass was terrible, but Corian sounded great. You just can't predict. Before investing in something as expensive as Harmonix, I would try some simple wood blocks or the Yamamoto wooden footers which are pretty cheap. If these seem to improve the sound of your system under a CD player or preamp, you can move on from there.
I use cheap stuff.
I have pile of original TipToes tall and short.
Teak Wood blocks from cut up cheese boards found at Goodwill. (big in the 80's pretty rare now)
Size 10 butyl Rubber chemical bottle stoppers (I must have 80 of them..)
I use the Tiptoes for stuff on floor,
Rubber for stuff on glass
Wood i have just set aside right now.