Harmonics TU-800 EX Turntable mat.

I am thinking of purchasing a Harmonics TT mat. It's only 1mm
thick but costly at $315 a piece. Michael Fremer likes it, he said it improves the liveliness of acrylic platters which he thinks sound soft in the base and congested overall. I'd very much like to hear your opinion if you are using this mat.

I'd also like to ask Fremer and all the TT manufacturers why has no one come up with an all vinyl platter of the same formula they use to press records? That would be the ideal impedance match.
The 1mm version is the older version. The new version TU800 EXi is a stiffer 3mm version that fixed the problems associated with the 1mm version. This is an amazing sounding mat. I have it and it is worth the $ you spend. The sound is full with harmonics without any glare. This is the only mat that does not roll off the top end.
'd also like to ask Fremer and all the TT manufacturers why has no one come up with an all vinyl platter of the same formula they use to press records? That would be the ideal impedance match.
I believe The Funk Firm has done just this. That's the principle behind the Achroplat and Achromat.

Funk Achromat

I have two friends that use the TU800 EXi and the even more costly Harmonix LP weight TU-812 (US$515). They use the mat on top of Micro-Seiki copper platters. They really like the TU-800 EXi and say the TU-812 weight makes it even better.
I had the new version Harmonix mat and the Boston Mat - Fremer must have the older version as i don't think it's soft or congested at all. If anything, it's too detailed and focus!
It is better than the Boston mat but doest cost more!!

I had both the Harmonix and Boston and I preferred the Harmonix to the Boston Mat1 by a wide margin. YMMV
I have to add that the Boston Mat1 is also a very good mat. It is extremely quiet. It takes away some of the harshness as well as some detail. That is my only complain with it.

Comparing it to the Harmonix, you will find the Boston to be bloated, muddy and compressed. Hi frequency detail is much rolled off. The Harmonix makes things more spacious, rounded and extended. Price wise, the Harmonix costs 50% more than the boston ($199 vs $315)so you have to take that into consideration too.
W hat TT's are you guys using this mat with? Are there other plinths besides acrylic that this mat improves sound with?
Thank you all very much, the answers really helped.
I am going to purchase the Harmonics mat.
This forum is great!
Hi all

I have the Boston Mat1 that is in use on top of my Kuzma Stabi Reference. I must say that I agree with Genesis168's analysis.

The music came out very quiet, the harshness was gone. Not sure about the loss of details in my set-up, but for sure the carbon graphite material made my sound, a little "dry". Not lean, but not "wet" either.

I am now asking my local dealer whether he has a TU800EXi (improved) for a shoot-up with my Mat1. Though, some of you already decided to get or already had the Harmonix mat, I will still report back to you guys

Cheers ... Peter
Hello there,
Does anyone know whether or not The harmonix TU-800 EXI fits the Oracle Delphi MKii [recessed platter? thanks in advance.
Recently I had the opportunity to compare the two mats - Harminixa TU- 800EXi (improved - 3 mm thick ) and Boston Audio Mat 2 (5 mm thick).

Tests were carried out on a mass loader turntable, where the platte surface is a copper plate and covered with a thin layer of lacquer, so the mat is necessary in the first place for reasons of safety, followed by sonic reasons.

Both mats are generally very good, but at the same time the mat both differ from each other considerably. Sonically are two completely different worlds.

Harmonix mat is made of something that looks like pressed paper layers.
Sonically gives a nicer, a more human vocal, more fine treble, better impression of air and high frequency stretch.
Harmonix mat at the same time gives a more rounded sound and reception as a whole resembles the vacuum tubes.
With this mat defects - weakens the edges of the attack, the attack is not as fast and dynamic like with Boston mat.
Listened immediately after the Boston Audio sound gives the impression of slightly coloured sound. At a midrange the sound become a little haotic, compared to the Boston Audio.

Boston Audio mat is made of block of graphite.
Sonicaly it goes in the direction of the sound more dry, precise and analytical. Overall it sounds more like a solid state gear. This gives a faster response and better edges.
There is no such liquidity, analog sound like with Harmonix, but the overall sound brings more excitement. Very organizes sound - everything is in its place stated in very clear and precise way. With flaws - slightly reduces the maximum frequency and the aura of reverb that comes in direct comparison to Harmonix.

In summary, each of these mats is quite different, and each will appeal to different listener.

I will be trying to look further to find a solution that combines the best features of both of these mats .