Harmonic Technology VS Acoustic Zen cables

Does anybody have experiences with cables from both Harmonic Technology and Acoustic Zens? I have the AZ Reference Matrix's and II's and Satoris and would like to know if they are similiar to the HT cables since both companies where founded by Robert Lee and use the same 6N zero crystal technology.
I have read they were similar with the AZ a bit better

Just for the hell of it try e-mailing each company and ask them that same question...See what kind of answer you get............
In my experience, the AZ is better, being more refined and better balanced from top to bottom w/in the same price range. Robert Lee, the founder of both companies. He's the reason for initial success behind both these companies and is still behind AZ all the way.

I use both brands. AZ Silver Reference II for CD Player to preamp. and Harmonic Technology Prosilway III for pre to power amplifier.
Many people recomend Silver Ref. II with Matrix Ref. II, but the Prosilway III and now the III+ is a little better than the Matrix.
Both brands are excellent and both represent a good value for the money. Depending on your system you will prefer AZ or HT.
And here in Audiogon you will find both at very affordable price.
Hope this help you.
I've been using HT exclusively for about 7 years now...Pro-Silway Mk2's from Dac to pre and pre to amp(s) along with the Pro-9 bi-wire speaker cables...I even have the HT silver wire exclusively inside my Sonic Frontiers Line 3(pre-amp)...I've been anxious to try the Pro-Silway3, 3+, and even more-so, the Magic/Magic2. A recent rearrangement and additions to my system has me trying the AZ Matrix Ref 2 right now into one of my amps (midrange/tweeter amp) in order to smooth out the very top just a little bit. Tonight I've reached 150+ break in hours on them via my secondary system playing continuously for almost a week, and I'm about to try them out [in my main system] right now.I might need another 50 hrs or so but I'll find out soon enough. I'll report back.Happy Lissn'n
Quick update: After a few hours listening with the AZ's into the Mid/Tweeter amp I wasn't convinced it was the right place for it. For some reason it moved the stage back a bit more and warmed things up a bit but it didn't quite gel with the rest of the system how I had hoped so I swapped it with the Pro Silway MK2 which was between Dac and pre and this did the trick. With identical pro Sil 2's going into each amp and the Az Matrix 2 handling the whole signal from Dac to pre, the synergy just hit the nail on the head... the stage was still a bit further back than before but the air and space was subsequently deeper as well. There was definitely a move to the warmer side of things and hence the occasional trace of sibilance I had noticed on a few select recordings was now gone and replaced by a more natural rendition. This was most noticeable on the all important "T's" and "S's" in female vocals... the leading edges were rounded just enough to nip the edge off but the detail managed to remain... a difficult balancing act that made all the difference for me. So in a nutshell, in my experience, the AZ Matrix 2 will add a bit of warmth when compared to the Pro-Silway 2's (remember, just the 2's, I have no experience with the later editions), it also seems to add some deeper air and spaciousness and doesn't emphasize the detail quite as much, yet doesn't make you feel like it's missing. A trace more rounded on leading edge transients which will probably be a good thing in many systems, as in mine, although probably not for good in an already warmish/or slow/ rich system. The AZ Silver is likely to be the better match there. Hope this helps, just my $.02. Happy Lissn'n