Harmonic Technology Truth Link RCA

Greetings everyone,
Just took delivery of a S/H pair of Harmonic Technology Truth Link RCA interconnects. I'm having difficulty inserting the cables into any of my equipment.

Can anybody be of assistance?

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Got it. I figured out the locking mechanism.
I have had that happen. If you buy a cable and don't realise it has locking type connectors you can go crazy trying to install them if they are locked down. How do you like the cables?
Yes, let us know your assessment of these cables. As is normal in the forums with audiophiles, I have read divergent opinions on the Truth Links. Some have said they are warm and full-bodied and at least one fellow I remember contradicted this and said they are neutral. My thinking is that most cable performance is system dependent which accounts for divergent opinions. And, how do the Truthlinks compare to the Kimber Hero?
One thing about those locking connectors on HT cables is that they work in reverse from what one normally anticipates; anticlockwise to tighten; clockwise to loosen. Took me for a bit of a headscratch when I first installed them too.
Most locking RCAs tend to work this way, but not all. I do wish they were all the same. It would sure make things easier.