Harmonic Technology Pro-9 Plus & Pro-Silway MkII

Has any body out there listenned to these harmonic technology cables and interconnects. They use single crystal technology which proved to make a hell of a difference in sound quality.

Please, post your comments on these cables if you have heard them in a local dealer or if you have owned any of them. Their prices are cheaper than many high end brands cables, but the level of performance is quite the same.
I own Pro-11 shotgunned (two sets of cable per speaker) and the SIlway MkII interconnects. The cable is very neutral and has a nice warm tonality.

In comparison with more expensive Straightwire Crescendo and Acoustic Zen Matrix Reference (loaned out and on my system) the HT cable is not quite as revealing and engaging, subtle but there is a difference. Robert Lee was at HT before AZ, and has furthered his development.

Harm Tech is very nice for the price, for higher end applications the Zen does outperform it. Either is a good buy, and like anything else is system dependant
Pro 9's: very neutral no cable type of cable. Pro silway II. Very open sounding with a lot of air around instruments. Tight bass but not real full compared to the truth links. There is also a hole in the midrange that takes away from some of the warmth of acoustic instruments. They worked good between my amp and pre (tubes) with a truth link between the CD and the Pre. Keep them far away from the CD player as they produce3 a NASTY glare. In the end the only place i left a pro silway was after the phono pre amp which is a cheapy without a lot of top end extension that the silway can compensate for.