Harmonic Technology Pro-12 Melody Cables

Has anybody used these cables or heard about? They are not an extremely costly cable ($300 range) which is what I'm looking for. I currently run inexpensive Monster Cable to my Sound Lab Pristine's and am trying to "warm" the sound a bit. Info on these cables, before I purchase, would be appreciated.
I've used th emelody an d the $129 precision link ics for about a year now. Iwas using some entry level cardas before. A friend and I auditioned the HT CArdas and some Transparent in my system which was Meadowlrk kestrels, Rotel 971 And audio refinement Integrated and the HT's were by far the best. You didn't say what equipment you have so I done know how much warming up you need. Analysis plus oval 12 is $151 for an 8ft pair and might be a little warmer and a great deal but the ic's are more expensive. Also look at Mapleshades website and talk to Pierre Sprey who has some incredibly cheap cables $85 for 8ft speaker and $65 ic's. Imade some homebrew ic's out of some thin wire and they were actually on the same level abeit warmer then my HT ic's. There all cheap and returnable , order all three have a friend over and check'em out yourself.
thanks for the input.