Harmonic Technology Pro 11+:any opinions?

I know it is a good cable for bass and midrange.Any owners feedback would be appreciated.
It's a good cable. It's a bit syrupy and slow sounding, if not quite as open as others out there (being critical), but it's pretty uncolored, descent detail, bass, mid, etc. The Acoustic Zen Satori/Hologram is superior however. I used to use double run's of Pro 9 also with similar results.
An excellent upgrade to that is the Acoustic Zen Satori and Hologram! These are much more open, airiy, less syrupy sounding, and faster w/superb detail! I like the AZ's better in every way over the Harmonic. But that's me. Try and find out. good luck
I have great results with the cable. Just call a dealer and have some different products lined up to try.
I use the Pro 9s between a Krell 400cx and Thiel Cs6s and after trying several cables, this was the best solution. Very open and dynamic with super detail.
i tried the satoris....and found them a little on the bland side....nice mid but nothing special at the frequncy extremes.

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I agree with most of the posts here. The pro9 is a bit on the warm/romantic side of neutral. It has the equivalent effect of upgrading to either an preamp or amp. I had a chance to audition the Audioquest type4 but the pro9 is much more musical and life-like.
I've owned this cable since 2001.......,And i just love it 2 death. For the money "YOU WILL NOT GO WRONG"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. But only trust in yours ears.
I used the Pro11's for 8 years and they were fantastic in my ARC/Thiel system. It wasn't until I heard the Harmonic Tech Magic Reference Woofer cables that I had to make a switch. When it comes to bang for your buck, you can't beat Harmonic Tech Pro-11 cables. There's a wide reviewer consensus on that count. They're detailed without being harsh and beat many cables that cost twice as much.