harmonic technology power cord

any feedback on the harmonic technoloy power cord esp compared to some of the cords getting a lot of buzz on the net eg virtual dynamics? their speaker cable has a rep for being smooth detailed and neutral- due apparently to the single crystal geometry.
I am using their Pro-9+ speaker cable and Pro-Silway Mk2 XLR interconnects in my Theta Dreadnaught, BAT VK-50SE, and Martin Logan SL3 (just upgraded to Vandersteen 5 few weeks ago) setup. They are very very good. There might be other cables that out-perform these but in my system, they are at the peak of my cost & benefit curve.

I also tried the new Fantasy AC-10 power cord on both the Dreadnaught and the VK-50SE. Unfortunately, I could not hear any difference from a regular 14 gauge stock cable.
I use HT power cords with my BAT VK500 and I have nothing bad to say about them. I honestly can't hear a difference from one power cord to another; the guy who sold me my amp insisted the HT cords were an ideal match. In any event, reasonably priced and they look fine, no harm in trying some.
I've tried lots of power cords, expensive and cheap. Of them all, I've chosen the HT Pro AC-11. It gives great slam to the lower registers and highs are crystal clear. From a pure "sound" perspective, they are simply fabulous. I haven't heard a substantive difference between the higher end HT products and the Pro AC-11 to justify spending extra $$$.
great question. I have sold my ht pro ac-11 power cords and upgraded to the new Harmonic tech. Fantasy -10 power cord the bass was the first thing in noticed it was awesome what a diffrence. I have one of those cables brand new for sale. Let me know if you need one it will blow your mind for the price the performance is just amazing.
I guess as always; your results may vary. I found the AC-11 to be slightly grainy (in my system anyway).
The H/T Pro-11 AC is a price/performance CHAMPION. You can do a little better, but it'll cost ya'!
Yah, I too wonder, how does the Pro-11 stack up against the cables that are getting so much buzz eg Virtual Dynamics?
I tried the Pro AC11 upon recommendation & was not thrilled. It was an OK cable & certainly better than stock cords but I did return it without hesitataion.
I sold my Ac-11 also. Now I got a Virtual Dynamics cheap and wonder what to do with this 10 lb snake? Sheesh!