Harmonic Technology Magic Link 1

Does anyone own or have experience with these IC's? How do they compare to other IC's you have tried? What are their overall characteristics? Thanks!
I have the, excuse me if I don't get the term just right, magic reference phono, from harmonic tech and like it very much. I think its similar to magic link only that its made for phono only. I use it here but may change it to shunyata eventually. I like the Shunyata altairs thru-out the rest of my system. Haromonic does make very good cords though. I think they use silver and I normally don't care for that in my system. Just my opinion.

As per the web site, Harmonic Technology has replaced the HT Magic Link One with the the Harmonic Technology Magic Link Two cable. Has any one compared these cables?
I own the 'Magic Link One' XLR IC's.
I have owned them since 2003. They seem very musical and will go with just about any system you put together.
I was tired of changing cables every time I changed an amp or preamp. So, I bought these and will upgrade to the 'Magic Link Two'.
I did speak to the factory regarding the differences between the 'One' and 'Two'.
They said the 'Magic Link Two' is twice as good as the 'One's' are.
Cheers. Sally
I tried the Magic Link one. I was comparing it at the time to the Cyberlights.
I thought the Magic link cables were very good.
They had a very good all around sound with good bass and treble.
Positive-Feedback did a comparison of the Magic Link One and Two (and favored the Two). Links to these reviews exist on the HT website.
I have never used the magic link 1 but I have the
magic link II from preamp to amp & think they are
quite good. the RCA's on these cables have an adjustable grip for a nice goodentite connection.
I perceive them to be uncolored, transparent, & smooth.
I guess you could say they are "musical:/ I like them alot.
These replace Mapleshade Xcalibur Ribbons with "Plus" treatment. Mapleshades lacked bass & were a little muddy
sounding compared to the Magic link II's.
I to replaced my mapleshade interconnects with the harmonic tech. magic 2 and couldn't believe how much better they are, they are a little more then the magic 1, but they sound just awesome