Harmonic Technology Magic digital cable?

Hi:will appreciate any info regarding the Ht magic digital cable or the kimber 2020?i have a resaudio transport and quantum dacs,looking for a refined,transparent and open sound,thanks so much in advance,Al
Owned the HT Magic SPDIF cable. I prefer the Pure Note Epsilon 75-Ohm digital cable which is cleaner and without edge. The HT sounded like it was inducing jitter (somewhat grainy). I have a friend who tried the Kimber and it was OK. Make sure that you get a true 75-Ohm cable (RCA) since many brands are not and this may be the reason that they sound grainy.
I currently own and use a Kimber Select 2020 and an Illuminations D-60. They are both good, I think the Kimber Select might be a bit more detailed and a little more bass on my system. I recently purchased a Purist Proteus digital cable which I can’t say enough good comments about, I highly recommend it, of course it probably costs more. Sorry I have never heard the HT Magic.