Harmonic Technology Interconnects

Are the new Harmonic Technology RCA terminated model interconnects as good as or better than the older models?

We recently did a cable shootout at a friends home and he had a pair of the HT Melody Link III interconnects laying around.  To our ears, and in his system, they produced the best sound of the cables we compared them to.
I would probably go up a model or two but if was an interesting comparison. I will probably try his in my system to see if I can hear the same result.

Thanks in advance for your opinions.

I’m auditioning the Harmonic Tech Recta OS silver RCA interconnects. Running it from pre to amp. Really like what I’m hearing. Nice detail, not harsh. Can’t speak to their older models. 
Last I heard, Harmonic Tech made some organizational changes and customer service was horrible.  Frankly, these guys split off from Acoustic Zen way back when, so I'd consider going with them instead.  I could be wrong, but FWIW. 
The new REC-TA (rectangular conductor) models from Harmonic Tech in both silver and copper ( interconnects and speaker cables) are exceptional cables and at a very good price point.  Considering their performance, they are significantly better than most of their competition.  Regarding customer service- the Photon cables which changed analog to light and back were amazingly good.  The issue was that when the module that did the conversion failed, the cables were worthless as that could NOT be repaired.  Great idea/design, but HORRID for maintenance and customer loyalty,

Jim Wang retired and sold his company. Zen started after Jim 's partner left and started it. Jim  designs were as good anything at any price. The Magic 2 cables were just superb, the speaker cables used 2 runs per speaker, using the purity of Ohno copper and the purest of silver. Audio magic in any system used in. Same for the I.C. And his filtered power cords on ANY front end gear. Loved the company Him was one of the nicest guys in business.
@phillyb - so you are implying to look for the older cables versus what is now produced by the new company?