Harmonic Technology Interconnects

Considering the following balanced Harmonic Tech interconnects for my Bryston/Totem system:

Truth Link, Magic Link I, and Magic Link II

I'd welcome any and all comments. I'm especially interested to hear what the Magic Link II's bring to the party.. and are they worth the extra money?

Thanks in advance!
I have the Magic 1 RCA on my turntable interconnects. Seem open, wide, deep and smooth to me. Haven't done any other a/b comparisons. The locking RCAs are a bit tricky to work though.
My experience is limited with HArmonic Tech but I have and have used .5m Truth Link ICs and found them to be very transparent overall, ie these seemed to impose little if any sound of their own.
Harmonic Technology is my long term favorite and I pretty much use it exclusively in 99% of my system including the internal wiring of my pre-amp (H/T silver) as well as bi-wired speaker cables (both Pro-9 using the woofer leads alone for my mid/tweeter, and Pro-11 for my woofers).
If your system could use some real richness....for example, your Bryston amp may like a taste of warmth in the mix, then the Truthlink would be a welcome addition which would probably be best used between your pre amp and power, or between your digital and your pre. It seems/sounds the most noticeably "copper based" and will immediately be identifiable as such...this is not necessarily a bad thing, as I said, depending on your system's needs. I would hesitate to use more than one Truthlink though, as I have found anymore could/likely will push this effect a bit overboard. Is there still a reasonable degree of detail retrieval, especially in the upper mids/treble range??? I would say that it depends on the resolution of your system of course but I found good detail retrieving speakers that could afford to "lose a little" will work well with the Truthlink, again: keep it down to just one.
I don't know which model Totems you're running but I have always admired their natural character and never heard any traces of brightness in the ones I've listened to which makes me see why the Bryston SS can get along with them as well as they may...
With that said, you might try the Truthlink but...if you already have that pretty good amp/speaker balance, you may want to skip the "Heavily coppered" Truthlinks and move up the line from there...as you do so I believe there is more of a hybrid/mixing silver component to the cable that gets more sophisticated and revealing as you go up the chain.
You will find an increase in that detail as well as a more articulated and better defined soundstage as you go to the Pro-Silways. The pro silway 2's would be the next step but you'd probably appreciate the Pro 3+'s even more. I have used the Pro-Sil 2's earlier in my system's days and found them quite satisfactory...they always kept the H/T trademark of big open spaciousness as well as excellent imaging, good pace, and a natural overall character... but after awhile I also kept moving up the line. The 2's went into my subwoofer (from an external electronic sub crossover) and they served me very very well in that capacity for a very long time. A really nice job on the bass with the 2's...
The Pro Sil 3+ then went into my main system and IMHO, I certainly liked the improvement, they sounded a lot like the 2's, only "More/Better" in terms of staging...a bit better definition and detail, but never aggressive or in your face...
If I had a choice I would skip the 2's and, if price is still an issue, the 3+ will likely be satisfying for awhile...as long as you never hear the Magics....
While the Pro-Sil's have similar characters, just to varying degrees of sophistication, the Magics really do take it to another level...
I put a Magic 1 in (in place of the 3+) and was right away taken aback by the added bloom and space they afforded...
It seemed that nothing was sacrificed...it all just got BETTER...soundstage width opened another X% degrees wider AND deeper...Air was more there...you name it, it just sounded less restrained (not that it EVER did before)...I said to myself that THIS was indeed a more noteworthy "jump" than any previous step.
Then...I started reading about the Magic 2... I really didn't WANT to believe all the hype about how much better it was than the 1, especially since it was going to be even MORE money...
Honestly, I stayed with the 1's for awhile...their contribution, as described, was considerably noticeable and appreciated and I simply didn't feel like laying out the extra $$$ to find out what I may be missing..
Until one day... I finally decided to try a Magic 2, and that was it. I may be going out on a limb here, but in MY personal experience the step from Magic 1 to Magic 2 was THE most significant jump from all previous I/C upgrades...including the 3+ to the Magic 1's...
I finally felt I was NOW hearing what my system can really do: a magnitude of improvement..most notably stage width AND depth AGAIN....also: detail retrieval was uncanny but simultaneously even more NATURAL,UNFORCED and simply PRESENT without calling attention to itself. I quickly started swapping out every I/C I had, (as my wallet as quickly deflated) with the magic 2's and with every swap...the glory kept advancing...
The last and only "Hold out" has been the aforementioned Pro Sil 2 which had steadfastly remained as my sub I/C and has just recently been swapped out with a Magic 1 ...[that I didn't bother to sell for a 2 in this particular application...],it's my only "1" left in my main system...and believe it or not, my sub, yes, my SUB readily noticed better detail, extension and speed...with the Magic 1 replacing the Pro Sil 2....I honestly couldn't believe it.
But the wallet is flat, and the Magic 1 is staying there for awhile...it'll have to do...
So, overall, I hope I gave you some ideas from my personal experiences...
IMHO: look at your wallet, think about it awhile...
if I were you:yes, the Magic 2 IS going to really wake things up for you...I don't know enough about the rest of your cables and system to help you decide but I guess my history with the H/T products should be clear...I hope it helps you decide.
Happy Lissn'n!
IME the Magic II were an awakening to higher end (for me) cables. Enlightening proof to me that cables can improve the sound of a system over less expensive ones. I liked their openness and clarity. And they floated an image of high frequencies like no other cable I've tried. BUT, they also had an odd artifact to the sound of high frequencies I could not live with so had to swap them out for a different brand. The most notable disturbance to me was their recreation of cymbals - not the least bit natural IMO (on my system and through my ears/brain).
Hey Rockadanny- May I ask the obvious question: What did you like better than the Magic 2's??
BTW; beautiful system...I'm sure you've got some "heavenly sound" with those monos and the Egglestons.
I connect my tube pre with SS amp using Magic Link IIs. More than anything else, they brought the sound together in my system. The timing was right, music flowed effortlessly through them and they maintained the dynamic swing. PRAT with smooooooooth texture. No grain or grit to the sound. finally.
Lissnr - Seemed to my ears and system that all copper was the way to go. Best I found under $1200 was WyWires. Clean, clear, open, proper tones. Cymbals sound like wood on brass instead of metal on metal. Very nice. R. Levi thinks they're the best IC under $1000. I agree.
Thanks for the heads up on the WyWyres as I have been reading about their digital cables lately; guess they have a lot going for them overall. Just when I finally told myself that I was at a satisfying/stable/content-for-now plateau you have to tell me about another improvement that's not too far out of reach and begs to be explored.
Oh well, such is the nature of the beast that is this hobby.
Maybe a local audio friend could pick one up along the way...let me borrow it... and let me hear what I'm missing. But for now, I'll suffice with just buying more music and enjoying this very satisfying point in my system's never ending evolution.
Happy Lissn'n.
Thanks to all for your detailed replies. Very helpful.
Headshrinker - late to the thread but I fully agree with Rockdanny about Wywires. They replaced Harmonic Tech magic link II in my system. I use 2 sets and they do everything Rockdanny said.

The HT's are very good in their own right, if I had to use one word to describe them it would be dynamic.
Thanks very much for the reply. What quality of the Wywires ICs lead to you choose these over your previous HT Magic Link II?
He doesn't really have levels of quality, check out his website and reviews online, his concept is very interesting. He will want to do a system consult before he recommends how he constructs your wire.

I initially used 1 IC between my preamp and amp and PC's all the way around and can tell you they bested alot of cables I have on hand, MIT reference, Analysis Plus, Kimber 1021, and HT Magic link II.
I didn't mean "levels of quality", but rather what quality of sound (i.e. tonal quality) lead you to choose/prefer the Wywire over the HT Magic II IC?
Complete clarity without any fatigue was immediately noticeable, everything just snapped into place right out of the box. They just seem to get out of the way and let the music flow. The tonality to me sounds more like real instruments. I play around with a Martin Jumbo acoustic guitar (not very well I might add) and use that as a baseline accurate tonality and the Wywires better every cable I have owned which I will list below.

In my system and to my ears they bettered Kimber 1030, 1021, 1011, 1016, HT magic link II, MIT 350 SG EVO, 350 Ref, Magnum M1, 330 SG, Analysis Plus oval in.

I added another Wywires IC between my phono and preamp and there was a noticeable difference again, not as great but nonetheless it was there!

I am happy, but as you know it is a personal choice, YMMV. Hope that helps.

Thanks for the details. You sound quite happy with your current system.

Enjoy the tunes...