Harmonic Technology Fantasy AC 10 power cord

Has anyone heard or is using this pc?
Has anyone upgraded from the Harmonic Tech Pro AC 11 to the Fantasy pc?
Your thoughts and review please.

Thank You!
I have 2 AC10s and another one on the way. I was so stunned by the difference one made powering an UO over the stock cord, I had to get another. The 2nd one didn't make a huge difference on a atma-sphere M3 preamp, but really helped on the atma s-30 amp. Speakers are a jbl paragon with Goertz MI2 wire & main source is a Mcintosh MR67 tuner (better than my onkyo cdp). I have a dvp-s9000es scheduled to be modwrighted on order. Can't make a comparison with other power cords, but the ac10 is much better than stock.
I do not know anything about the fantasy Ac10. However if you have that kind of spread to spend on a power cord, buy the Acoustic Zen Tsunami MkII. You will thank me later.
Thanks for your response