Harmonic Technology Cables???

I am currently using Nordost SPM interconnect and speaker cables in my system. Has anyone tried the Harmonic Technology cables in direct comparison to the SPM? I noticed that the reviews I have read either praise the HT cables or slam them. What are some of your opinions? Thanks in advance...John
I replaced SPM with HT in my system and really enjoyed the HT since then business has been good and I went for the whole enchilada with Kimber Select 1130 interconnect and 3038 speaker cable
Hi Jim, Thanks for your many helpful responses in previous posts. I slowly switched cable by cable to H.Tech. I am lucky enough to have two good friends with state of the art reference systems with which to compare. I have a much humbler system, but of acceptable quality. The combination Of Pro-9 plus bi-wire, the award winning Cyberlink Platinum digital cable (HI-FI Mag.),Truthlink, and Pro-11AC has enabled me to approach the highest end in three distinct areas, Imaging, sense of the recording space, and realism. There is a complete lack of high end annoyance, without sacrificing the highs to a "warm" voicing. I know that some people just love to slam things, but I think that the H. Tech cables are definitely excellent and a great value, and certainly worth trying. Two points, I think 50% of the problem people have had is that they did not really break them in. They have a VERY long break in time, but it is worth the wait. There are some dilligent audiophiles here at the Audiogon site who have found different cables superior in their system, but that is often true, due to system synergy. In all of the reviews and chats I have read, the raves outnumber the nays by 20 to 1. Sorry, I have limited experience with the Nordost, but I consider them a very good cable, and think they are worthy of trying, but don't be surprised if the H. Tech cables win the face-off, just be happy that you won't feel the need to try a lot of other brands, they are that good.
Hi John - I recently upgraded my entire 2-channel system from NAD to Meridian...big jump to say the least. I've never heard or used Nordost, but I was using all Straight Wire on the NAD and went purely Harmonic Technology on the Meridian. All I can sy is I am VERY pleased with the results. I first heard the HT Pro-Silways on a Wadia CD Player/Rowland amp and was blown away. Although I went with the TruhLink interconnects and Pro-9 Plus speaker cable, it seems to be perfect for my set-up. It is true that Harmonic is bright at first (very bright, in fact) but it has neutralized a lot in just 1 week. However, I prefer bright cables anyway, so I'll be OK if they don't change much more. I highly recommend them. They seem like a high performance product for the money.
CST interconnects are the best in my system and so much cheaper than the other contenders. I did not get good results with either Nordost or Harmonic (inharmonic would describe them better).
Sorry to hear that Redkiwi. Hope you are doing well.
Redkiwi and I have agreed on this for a while. I tried only two HT cables, the Pro Silway 2 RCA interconnect, and the Pro 11 AC cord. The Silway had a HUGE hole in the midrange, so it was not tonally neutral (this was either with several different speakers, or with HD-600 headphones and a 6922 tubed headphone amp). Tonal neutrality is the most BASIC necessity for any audio component, so I was quite put off by this strident and lifeless character in the midrange. The power cord was terribly bright and grainy, and this never went away, after even 700 hours of continuous use (I had these for 3 months). It exhibited the same character whether it was plugged into a line conditioner with front end components, or plugged straight into the wall, with the power amplifier. I don't think this was due to the character of the "single crystal" conductors per se, but to the design of the power cord overall.................Another manufacturer has stated to me that the HT RCA connectors that were touted as "Nasa technology", were actually made in Taiwan. The gold plating flaked off the RCA connectors on the Silway I tried; and this even with the extreme care I always take...However: if they sound fine in a system, I don't think they'll do any real harm. Overall build quality seemed fine, especially the jacketing.
Hi Carl, despite your previous negative experience with H.T. cables, if you can, try the Cyberlink Platinum cable. I would be curious to get your evaluation. Of all the various cables and tweaks I have tried recently, the Cyberlink Platinum had the most dramatic and pleasing effect.
If it's a digital cable, I don't need one. If it's line level, send me yours, and I'll be happy to try it.
It is digital. Thanks Carl.