Harmonic Technology Cables???

I am currently using Nordost SPM interconnect and speaker cables in my system. Has anyone tried the Harmonic Technology cables in direct comparison to the SPM? I noticed that the reviews I have read either praise the HT cables or slam them. What are some of your opinions? Thanks in advance...John

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Redkiwi and I have agreed on this for a while. I tried only two HT cables, the Pro Silway 2 RCA interconnect, and the Pro 11 AC cord. The Silway had a HUGE hole in the midrange, so it was not tonally neutral (this was either with several different speakers, or with HD-600 headphones and a 6922 tubed headphone amp). Tonal neutrality is the most BASIC necessity for any audio component, so I was quite put off by this strident and lifeless character in the midrange. The power cord was terribly bright and grainy, and this never went away, after even 700 hours of continuous use (I had these for 3 months). It exhibited the same character whether it was plugged into a line conditioner with front end components, or plugged straight into the wall, with the power amplifier. I don't think this was due to the character of the "single crystal" conductors per se, but to the design of the power cord overall.................Another manufacturer has stated to me that the HT RCA connectors that were touted as "Nasa technology", were actually made in Taiwan. The gold plating flaked off the RCA connectors on the Silway I tried; and this even with the extreme care I always take...However: if they sound fine in a system, I don't think they'll do any real harm. Overall build quality seemed fine, especially the jacketing.
If it's a digital cable, I don't need one. If it's line level, send me yours, and I'll be happy to try it.