harmonic technology ac 11 power cord on classe

hello ; i am upgrading the power cord on my ca-22oo classe amp and i am wondering if i should also change the power cords on the cp 500 preamp and the cdp 502 at the same time . i am using the magic link 2 xlr on all my interconnects and HT pro 9 speaker cable and am very happy with harmonic technology products overall. any comments or suggestions would be appreciated. thanks for you help. regards ken
Hello Kadam -

I have not auditioned the AC-11, however...I have a Classe CA-101 and oh, about 2 years ago I tried the AC-10 on my Amp, CD player (Arcam CD-36), Preamp (Quicksilver-RCL).

I found that compared to the Shunyata Diamondback I had throughout my system, the AC-10 gave me no improvement other then a bit more clarity when hooked to my CD-player.

For basically same money I tried an Audience power chord and it never left my Amp.

This is not to tell you to buy Audience, just that in my opinion I am not sure that HT power Chords for the money give you the value that there interconnects and speaker cables do.
I too like HT products.
hello lougiants ; thxs for the heads up on the ac 11 power cords. i will try a couple of variations to see the difference. i was surprised that the difference came from the cd player and not the amp or pre amp. thxs again for your help.
You're welcome.

I was surprised as well. I really thought that it would be noticeable improvement due to the price difference over the Shunyata Diamondback...but I could not really discern anything other then a smidge on the CD player.
With these types of things, changes vary from system to system, so give the HT a try and see if it does on yours.
But I would definitely give some other cable manufacturers a test as well, like Synergistic Research and Audience(it helped on my Amp.
hello ; i finally bought 2 HT pro ac 11 power cords and 1 HT pro ac 10 power cord. should i put the better and costly HT ac 10 on my cdp 502 cd player or put it on the ca 2200 amp. thank you in advance for your advice. regards ken
For me I would put the more expensive cable on the Amp first.

But, if it sounds better on the CD player, then...it does not really matter.

Where does it sound better?
hello ; sorry for delay in responding. thanks for advice. i have not tried either amp or cd yet as i have been away on business. i will keep you posted on what i find out. regards ken
What was the result when you tested those HT power cords? Which one is better on which gear?