Harmonic Technologies Magic Cables

As usual, I heard they're great. What's your experience with them?
The H.T. Magic interconnect is simply "perfect', perfectly balanced, ... fill in the superlatives, I don't think it gets any better, just different ( allowing for system synergy). It creates far greater intelligibility without falsly boosting any frequency. The lyrics on Steely Dan's latest were a little hard to decipher previous to my trying the Magic, now I can follow the "story line " with no effort at all. It was the last piece in my particular audio puzzle. You will probably be very glad you tried it.
I am currently using the H.T. Magic power and AES digital cables and am very satisfied. In the case of the 110 ohm, I auditioned quite a few different brands and found superior articulation from the H.T. as opposed to (for example) the Transparent Reference (for significantly less $). As a "reference" product line, the Magic price-to-performance ratio is virtually the best there is. By all means, give them a try. Next purchase will be the "quadruple wire" speaker cables.
I like these cables a lot and have tried most sub $2000 cables. Currently bouncing them off Nirvana SX ($1300). The Nirvanas are pretty cool in imaging and large orchestral passages. The HTs have a more natural sound. You can here timbre of acoustic instruments better through them. My system is Linn Genki, Bel Canto EVo, and Newform Research R645.