Harmonic Tech Pro Silway Mk II ???

Any comments on this interconnect??? Read a few good reviews but haven't heard it yet. How does it compare to something like Kimber KCAG or Homegrown Silver Lace.
I have owned both the RCA and XLR versions. Very transparent with a wide soundstage, rather lean in the mids and bass. Seems like it is very system dependent. A much better cable for less money is the Vantage Audio Silver Marina. Vantage will send you a set of their cables and give you 45 days to audition them, if you like them you pay, if not return the cables. You can't beat that. They are at Vantageaudio.com. Talk to Richard.
I agree entirely with ejlif on the Silway characteristics though i found the bass to be tight and well defined tonally compared to a few other cables where the bass was more pronounced but not as controlled (truth links and Transparent). The biggest weakness is in the lower mids where the warmth is found... the woodiness of acoustic stringed instruments isn't at all what it is supposed to be and vocals can sound a bit throaty and without body. Depending on the system they can be a bit agressive and the leanness in the mids seems to accentuate this in my system when used with a CD player. I switched my cd link out with a truth link and while there was a fairly significant loss in the sence of air around the instruments and a little less precise imaging the overall result with the truthlink was more musically satisfying. I was still using a silway between the amp and pre. The biggest strength of the cable is it's imaging and openness.