Harmonic Tech Pro AC-11 vs Acoustic Zen Tsunami

Same zero crystal pure copper, same guage wire, same father (Robert Lee) but HT costs $260 vs $350 for the AZ's on a 2M run. Does anybody have experience with both these power cords and are the AZ's worth the extra costs (sounds better)?
I would get Audience powerChord instead of either one of those. I haven't heard the HT cable, but Tsunami isn't anything to write home about. You can actually pick up a Shunyata Taipan Alpha in that length for same money. And it would be a better choice.
No one can tell you the truth. Only you using them in your system will know the differences.
Audhpile1, sounds like you tried a lot of PC's. Which would be a better choice between the 2 powercords you mentioned? Audience or Shunyata Taipan? Nice rig you have, BTW
I would go for the Pro AC-11. At a used price for about $120, it is a bargain.
Thanks for the compliment on a system.

It actually depends on which component you use the cord. Out of the 2 I would use Audience powerChord on a digital component and Taipan Alpha on the amp or preamp. Although Taipan is very good on digital as well. Depends what you prefer, what component. There is no substitute for experimenting, espeically when it comes to power cords.

But in any case, I can't really see either of the cords you mentioned competing with either the Taipan or the Audience.

Good luck
I'm generally a HT fan (I/C's & Spkr cables) but after several attempts with theit AC-11 power cord it never synergized with any part of my audio chain, YMMV. I'm not familiar with AZ's Tsunami (although I just purchased a Matrix Ref 2 I/C I'm currently breaking in). My personal favorite in P/C's when it comes to moderate price to [good] performance ratio has been the VH Audio Flavor 4. I've always been curious about the Shunyata line but haven't jumped in there yet. Good luck and happy Lissn'n.
Are the Shunyata Taipan's copper, silver, or mixture of both? What about the plug ends IEC, (copper, silver, brass)? Are the Helix the newer versions? Thanks for the all the answers. Trying to find a good powercord for solid state amp McCormack DNA1 dlx.
I had a DNA-0.5 Deluxe. And DNA-125 and DNA-225. Shunyata or Audience works very good with McCormack amps. I tried Flavor 4 and liked it less than the Shunyata or Audience.

Taipan helix Alpha is new version.

I think Taipan Alpha is copper. Audience is as well. Taipan has some kind of plating on conectors. Shunatya power cords are excellent. Don't worry what they're made off. Just try one.
Audphile1, I know the grass is always greener on the other side. Just wondering how the Pass Labs X250.5 compare to the MccCormack DNA-225 you used to have? Thanks
I've heard both power cords, and between the two, would prefer the HT Pro AC11. I found the Tsunami to be far too warm. The Audience PowerChord is also an all-round good performer.
I ended up getting both the Shunyata Taipan Alpha and HT Pro AC 11 and compared it to my Custom Power Cord Model 11 and this is what I noticed. HT Pro AC 11 seemed to emphasize more middle and upper middle range. I felt low end was lacking, not as balanced or full range sounding compared to the other 2 power cords. Sound wasn't as detailed or quick either. This cable made me appreciate the Custom power cord I had as it was more detailed and neutral. Seemed to be more balanced between highs, mids, lows. The Shunyata was more detailed with faster transients, and smoother sounding with more delicate highs. Sounded more musical and puts me slighty closer to the soundstage. Definately a keeper. Thanks Audphile1 and others for your recommendations.
Thanks for the update. Enjoy!