Harmonic Tech Pro-9 speaker cable

After reading the reviews on audioreview.com, I am impressed with many of the reviews on this cable. Most of the reviewers however, did not mention the types of equipment used for their auditions. I have a pair of Thiel 2.3's, Pass Labs x-150, and an x-2 pre-amp. Please let me know what your experience is with this speaker cable and solid-state class A equipment.
My dealer tells me he has tried the pro-9's in his system but prefers a double run of pro-11's.BTW he sells HT and Cardas but prefers the double run of 11's to anything else he has tried.
I have been running the Pro 9's with great success in my system which consists of a Wadia 850 directly connected via balanced HT ProSilway MkII to a Levinson 331 (100 watt). I have been tempted to try the Golden Refernce or Golden Cross Cardas cables and found it interesting the David99's dealer liked a double run of Pro 11's better than the 9's and the Cardas. This says a lot for the HT cables. Good luck...
Give the Acoustic Zen Satori cables a listen. They are designed by the same designer that did most of the work for HT
Superb, with good service as well.
forgot to say, check out the review in The Absolute Sound this month.