Harmonic Tech Photon-link, anyone?

I would like some feedback of the Harmonic tech Photon-link interconnect.
Anyone using this?
Compaired it to another IC?
(For example: HT Magic Link II.)

In my case, it would be between CDP and Integrated amp.

All inputs are appreciated.

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I use a Photon AMP between my dCS stack and amp.
This is the best cable i tried so far, it's fast, dynamic, resolving but natural with a nice presence and never agressive or clinical.
Just before i was using Acrolink's top of the line DA6100, much more expensive but not better in my system.
I owned a lot of high end cables from Audience, Kimber select, Nordost, Stereovox, Virtual dynamics, Furutech Reference, Van den Hul, etc...