Harmonic Tech Magic Link 1 - won't fit rca jacks

I just bought a pair of Harmonic Tech Magic Link RCA interconnects on Audiogon. Problem is they refuse to slide into the jacks of both my (Rotel) CDP and (Classe) amp. Any ideas what may be wrong ? Thanks.
Do they have locking RCA barrel connectors? Try unscrewing the barrels a bit.
i dont know whether they are the locking kind. i'll try that today when i get home. thanks.
matter sorted. my first time with locking rca's. thanks tvad!
You're welcome.

...happened to me, too...that's why I knew the solution. ;)

What's interesting is that the locking RCA connectors that I've tried tighten by going counter-clockwise. Also, a word of caution: Do not over-tighten. Just make them snug. I know because I over-tightened one and it was a nightmare getting it off.
Sherod, That is all a matter of perspective.
I know now what sherod meant. I did end up tightening them and then had to bring in a small wrench to grip and loosen them.
OK, Time for a stupid audio trick. Sometimes I have trouble gripping locking RCA connectors and other connections. I keep a wide rubberband (off of broccoli from the grocery store)stashed near my audio gear along with binding post wrenches. The rubberband gives me the grip I need without damaging the connections.

Well, I did tell you it was stupid. I also use a 12mm deep socket wrench covered with a piece of old bicycle innertube for binding posts. The binding post wrenches I purchased were all 7/16 and 1/2.

Just ask yourself, "What would McGuyver do?"