Harmonic Tec vs Dh labs Q 10 vs TMC Gold reference

I am currently in the process of changing my kimber 8tc biwired speaker cable on the B&W nautilus 804 speakers. I need a cable that is not as forward as the kimbers.The HT Pro 9 biwired, DH Labs Q10 biwired, and the TMC Golden Reference Biwired I picked were based on the feedback left by various consumers in audioreview site and what most of them have on their B&W nautilus 804 speakers. I am asking your opinion as to what cable I should consider of the three or other speaker cable that you see would work better. I tend to like the sound of the Cardas Cables. Speaker cable should be less than $700 use.

My equipment
Parasound Pre-2500
Parasound Amp-2205
Cd Player Arcam 72
Revel B15 sub
Cardas cross power cords on amp, cd player, and pre-amp
Tara Labs Prime generation II between cd and pre-amp
TMC ic between Pre-Amp and Amp

I've got N804s bi-wired with the Q-10. It's absolutely amazing. All the superlatives you can think of. And the price, well the price is insanely low for the high quality you get. You won't be sorry with the Q-10.


The TMC is vastly superior to the Q 10. I have both. I use the TMC for my main rig and the Q 10 for my desk system. The differance in bass is dramatic. The only reason to use the Q 10 is to filter out detail. I also suggest that you get the white lable for the CD player. I compared the Harmonic Technology Pro Silway II to the white lable (after I had purchased the Harmonic technology) and the differances were not small. In my opinion, the only reason that the TMC is not more popular is because most people have not learned to trust their ears.
WHeer can I go to try these TCM cables? Any help would be great!